Honey, Did you buy me a Mother’s Day gift yet?

There used to be a whole lotta hurt feelings and guilt around gift giving with Mike and me.

We aren’t “naturally” compatible around gift giving.  I may be a touch difficult to please 🙂 and he isn’t wired to put a lot of time into what to buy me.  And with three little ones keeping us perpetually spinning we can find ourselves running against the clock trying to get something for each other that feels meaningful and special.

I learned fast in our marriage that putting my head in the sand around the issue and wishing he could read my mind wasn’t working for either of us.  I’d feel disappointed, he’d feel guilty and no one won.

But we’ve come to a place where something does work for us. 

It’s a radical idea really- If one of us really wants something, we tell the other explicitly.   Mind blowing, huh?! 🙂

Now, of course, being surprised with a thoughtful gift from the heart is amazing…and we still get those too– but there are times when it is also nice to simply hear from each other what we’d really love and demystify the whole gift giving process now and again so that everyone wins with the least amount of stress.  And you know how I feel about stress, right?!

I’d like to give you a little head’s up that I’m going to have my first ever Mother’s Day Weekend Promotion for my signature course, Designed for Wellness Beginning this Friday and ending this Sunday, you can purchase the course for 50% off.

I figure there may be some of you who already know you want to take the course and this may be a fantastic chance to enroll at half the cost.  So I wanted to give you a bit of time to pass along the idea in case it could be a special Mother’s Day gift as well.

One more thing.  I haven’t announced this yet (you’ll hear more in the next couple of weeks) but I’m leading a live group run of the course this summer as well, and you’ll have full access to that). 

I can guarantee you this course will not be offered at a lower cost than this.  So if you know you’ve been wanting to make the investment in yourself- this weekend would be an awesome time to lock in the low price.

And if the course isn’t up your alley- I hope you’ll consider shifting your expectations on how the perfect gift needs to include supernatural mind reading and give a guy a little guidance now and then in how to delight you!


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