The “High 5” Supporting Cast of Healthy Nutrition for You and Your Kids


We all have the best intentions to get healthy, wholesome food into our kids (and ourselves) every day.

And when it comes to the movie of healthy living, we know the main cast.

Whole, real foods, fresh air, exercise, rest and play…they make a star-studded lineup, for sure.

But, sometimes the very best films happen because of an amazing supporting cast that can act as a safety net for the lulls in the film and make the main characters even more robust.

It has been helpful for me to have a supporting cast of ways of 5 quick things I can do for myself and my children every day to be sure we are staying healthy through the ebbs and flows of our days.

1. Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplement

I use Carlson Labs or Nordic Naturals. My kids love the chewables with natural strawberry flavor.

2. Whole Foods Supplement or Whole Foods Vitamin

I take New Chapter Organics Whole Food Multivitamin and love it.

3. Raw Fruits and Veggies

When in doubt, at least get some of these superstars in. A quick green smoothie or cut up veggie and fruit plate can be a nutritional day saver.

4. Probiotics

We need a healthy gut. Not only for our digestion and nutrient uptake, but for our immunity too. I try to get some probiotic food in myself and children daily (like plain yogurt with live cultures, or cultured vegetables) but will also bolster our diet with probiotic supplements as well.

5. Water

It’s amazing how highly correlated a crappy food day is with my low water intake. When I notice we’re in a food rut, I start getting the water into myself and my children. Kids can get dehydrated easily and need to be in the habit of drinking water throughout the day too!

Here’s an article on a simple way to get your kids’ buy-in on eating healthy, balanced meals.

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What’s your safety net for less-than-stellar nutrition days?