Happy Calm ~ 7 Week Life-Enriching & Learning Experience

Happy Calm teaches tools to keep you calm, balanced and flexible while living your full and happy life.

Dear beautiful mom,

For so long I tried to wrestle stress out of my life.

I would envision going through my days as if I was gliding over a perfectly smooth lake- with no obstacles or challenges – just serene and peaceful.

And with that image, I set out morning after morning trying to figure out how to craft my outer life in such a way that there was no inner stress, no inner overwhelm, no inner tension or pain.

And I’m sure you can imagine how I fared.

Because trying to STOP the stress only causes us more anxiety and overwhelm when stress inevitably rears its head.

Thinking my happy, calm life could be controlled outside of me- kept me drowning in a constant sense of failure and guilt.

Then something shifted.

What if instead of turning OFF stress, I began to turn ON calm?

What if I changed the gameplan?

What if I bolstered my own inner reserves and resiliency so I could glide over the rough waves without being thrown off?

What if I came to peace with my messy, busy, chaotic, gorgeous, real life?

What if I decided to equip myself to live in the life I actually lived in– rather than always trying to change what was mostly out of my control?  

And this was exactly where I began my own journe

y into true self-care.


I was the mom who could hardly get through breakfast without a yelling fit and spent most of my days spinning in circles and ready to snap.


The idea of “self care” failed me for a long time because, though I tried to eat well and get exercise, nothing was really helping with my temper and my frazzled mental state.


That is, until I tapped into understanding how my mind and body worked in terms of stress and calm.

That was my turning point.


It was those tools- the tools self-regulation and calming– tools I could actually do in just a few moments right when I was feeling most out of control, that began to change the whole trajectory of how I experienced life and how I experienced motherhood.

We all know the crazy, chaotic parts of life don’t go away – but the chaos feels totally different when you are moving through it feeling happy and calm versus overwhelmed and stressed.

When it comes to living a happy, calm life there is no greater skill than the ability to control your own inner composure when the outer world is trying to push all your stress buttons!

That’s why when I take women through a whole year of self-care study – we always begin with the foundation of Establishing a Calm Mind.

These are the tools that straight to the heart of what it means to live a vital, healthy life on our own terms when it is so easy to spend our days scattered and frazzled.

Hundreds of women who have worked through my full year program have shared with me that the tools they learned in the first pillar (The Calm Pillar) were some of the most life-changing skills, strategies and tools they’ve ever learned.

After hearing the same thing over and over again, I began to feel that offering this as a stand alone pillar of study was my next right move.

And here it is, the stand-alone Calm Pillar option as Happy Calm.

Lifetime learning that gets right to the heart of what makes the biggest difference in how you feel.

When you join Happy Calm you’ll explore establishing a calm mind and body through these unique pathways:

  • Limbic Calming Tools that regulate your stress triggers from their starting places
  • Calm Metabolism so we establish a strong start to our days and give our body and mind the raw materials they need to work properly
  • Adrenal Fatigue & the Overwhelm Spectrum addresses the hormonal underpinnings of chronic stress and what we need to release that cycle of overwhelm and begin healing from within
  • Mastering the Mental Triggers teaches us to train our mind toward life-giving thoughts – not pop psychology- but right-perspective living so we can befriend ourselves and stop creating a war against ourselves in our own minds
  • Pathways to Presence: Body Wisdom brings us into calm and clarity through tapping into our body-mind connection and using our physical senses to shift us into a calm presence
  • Soul Care exercises to acknowledge and tend to the inner work needed for real change in our lives

Happy Calm

A 7 Module Self-Paced Online Course

Each module includes:

Tool-Building Videos & Demonstrations

Light-Bulb Learning Audio Classes

Life-Work Notes and Materials

Immediate Access to All Material for Self-Paced Exploration

Weekly Guided Emails to Inspire and Keep You on Pace


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Happy Calm is designed to work in your schedule. Upon enrollment, you will receive an email with your username and password and simple instructions to login to the homepage for Happy Calm.

The full set of materials are available immediately course so you can dive in and study at your own pace.

Additionally, you will receive an email from me weekly to guide you through each of the 6 modules if you prefer support working through the material.

You have lifetime access to these materials and are encouraged to download them also to your own computer for your own permanent record.

This is a digital course and all materials are immediately available upon enrollment for you to study and download. As such, there are no refunds for this class.

If you have any questions about this class or if you need any support while taking the course the WellGrounded Life team is happy to work with you on any issue.

We pride ourselves with extraordinary “real-person” support so you have the best experience possible learning and growing with WellGrounded Life resources.

Please contact us at wglteam@wellgroundedlife.com with any questions or inquiries!

Happy Calm is the exact material presented in the first pillar of study in the Replenish 365 curriculum.

Replenish 365 has 6 pillars of study (Calm Mind, Nourished Body, Restorative Rest, Joyful Movement, Authentic Connection, Aligned Living).

The material from the Calm Mind pillar is now being offered as a stand-alone option of study as Happy Calm.

If you have enrolled in Happy Calm and want to join me for Replenish 365 at any time in the future, I will happily credit the investment you made in Happy Calm toward the cost of the Replenish 365 program.

Life-enriching tools that impact you and your family.

As mothers we are the temperature setters in our homes (whether we like it or not).

When life get too “hot” we can either boil over with it…or recalibrate the environment to a cooler, more comfortable setting.

Everything changes when a mama has better control of her own thermostat.

Everything changes in your own life, in how you experience your days and engage in your activities….
And everything changes in your relationships…most especially the ones you care most about- with your closest family.

There is an energy shift that happens when we learn how to (finally) manage our own well-being from the inside out.

There is a trust we build with ourselves when we learn how to swiftly return back to center after stumbling off the path from time to time.

There is a peace we get to enjoy when calm and clarity stay for longer and longer stretches of time in our minds. 

Come join me for 7 weeks as we uncover, discover and experience a whole new way of living well in this world.

I’d love to journey deeper with you,

Lisa Grace Byrne

Happy Calm

A 7 Module Self-Paced Online Course

Each module includes:

Tool-Building Videos & Demonstrations

Light-Bulb Learning Audio Classes

Life-Work Notes and Materials

Immediate Access to All Material for Self-Paced Exploration

Weekly Guided Emails to Inspire and Keep You on Pace


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About Lisa

Lisa Grace Byrne is a mother to three and founder of WellGroundedLife, an exceptional online community where she connects with women all over the world, supporting them to live vibrant, fulfilling and prosperous lives.

Through multimedia courses and programs she teaches tools and strategies to moms who want to experience deep reserves of calm and abundant energy as they navigate the journey of motherhood.

She is a speaker, teacher and author with a degree from Cal Poly State University in Biochemistry with an emphasis in Nutrition and Metabolism. She holds a Masters in Public Health from Boston University and is certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University.

Lisa is the author of the bestselling book, Replenish: Experience Radiant Calm and True Vitality in Your Everyday Life and lives in New Jersey with her family and 100 pound yellow lab.

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