Gratitude Cleanse 550

It’s happening … time is quickening, the pace is picking up, the rumbling sense of holidays approaching … and the longing that we do it a little differently this time.

The heart-tug that asks us, what if we prepared a little differently this time around?

What if we invested just a little more time into opening up our heart space to be more fully present, receive deeper joy, embrace connection more readily, stay anchored to the meaning of it all?

What if we carved out 10 minutes every day for one week to invite gratitude to come and clear out the spaces in us that feel bogged down, sluggish, tired, stuck?

10 minutes of quiet, guided, heart-focused time.

10 minutes every day for 7 days. What if a Gratitude Cleanse was exactly what we needed to enter this winter holiday stretch with an open heart?

You’re invited to join me for 7 days, beginning immediately after you sign up.

Here’s what you’ll get:

1| Instant Access

When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the full library of the Gratitude Cleanse meditations – these are for you to use as much as you’d like.

2| Daily Texts (optional)

If you are like me, your inbox is pretty noisy.

Even information and resources I truly want get lost in the mix. And if I’m honest, calm and peaceful is not the feeling I get when wading through emails.

So I’ve decided to offer the option (which is completely optional) to receive a daily text from me for 7 days with a short message and direct link to a new Gratitude Cleanse meditation audio.

Even the littlest barriers can keep me from spending some much needed quiet time in my life.

And the process of opening my email and clicking over to a webpage and then downloading an audio sometimes is enough for me just not to do it.

But getting a text every morning with the direct link to the audio so I can just hit play– that I can do– and most likely WILL do much more often.

So I wanted to give this as an option to those who’d like this kind of support for the week! If you want the texts- include your cell number on the sign up form…if not, just leave it blank! (You’ll still get the Welcome Email with the full library of audios available immediately.)

3| Encouragement and My Favorite Tips

Finally, I have a few additional tips that help me most when I need to re-establish more regular quiet time in my life and open myself up to having gratitude more deeply rooted in my life. Over the next week I’ll be sending those tips and tools along too.

Sound good? I can’t wait to circle with you!