Gratitude Cleanse All Set

Hello beautiful one…

I’m thrilled you’ll be joining me for the Gratitude Cleanse.

This has been an idea stirring within me for a while and I can’t wait to carve out sacred space in our days together for soul-nourishing quiet and heart-focused intention.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • Beginning tomorrow, an email each day of the “cleanse” for the next 7 days at 6 am Eastern. These emails will have a link to that day’s Gratitude Cleanse meditation audio. 
  • You can listen through your computer or download the mp3 to your iPod, etc.

Here’s how you can prepare:

  • Consider now when it will work best for you to commit the 10 minutes for these guided meditations. Perhaps they can become part of a morning practice for the week. Or maybe you’d rather them as an evening practice … or anytime in between.
  • Most importantly they are here to serve you and fit into your life but … of course, you’ll need to carve out space and prioritize it in order to receive the benefits!

Here’s what you can do now: Spread the word!

I’d be honored and grateful if you would share this with women in your circles. Maybe you could share on your Facebook page or send a quick email to others you know who could use a little soul care right about now.

Here are two simple ideas you can copy, paste and pass along ::

  • I just signed up for the ‘Gratitude Cleanse’ with Lisa Grace Byrne … Feels like the perfect way to usher in the holidays this year. Want to join, too?


  • 10 minutes, 7 days … I’m cleaning out some heart space to make room for what’s most important this season. If you want to join, too, click here:


With a heart overflowing with thanks for joining me, I look forward to circling with you soon.

Much love,