When we need to reorder and life feels like it may break apart…


I remember listening to NASA astronauts talk about their experience breaking through the sound barrier. As they got closer and closer to the breakthrough speed the cacophony of intense sound and vibration was almost unbearable. It felt like the whole ship was going to explode.

And then, as soon as they broke through, everything instantly got still and quiet– like gliding on perfectly smooth ice. Effortless and silent.

I’ve been going through a sticky season right now in life.Β  I’m affectionately calling it a “reordering”– because it’s felt hard, and confusing…but I’ve also had a clear sense that underneath there was purpose and direction to it all.

At the surface, I’ve felt stressed and strained, trying to keep up with old ways of doing things…I kept saying ‘yes’ to things that didn’t fit any longer. I kept getting clear messages that I needed to create more space, simplify and streamline my life– but for a while my life just kept feeling overstretched, jam-packed and chaotic.

It was like a rip tide kept pulling me back under even though I was swimming so hard toward shore.

Can you relate to times when you begin to feel like you’re swimming upstream with a lot of effort and not much movement forward?

Where you’re being asked to shift in some significant ways to find your place in the flow again?

So I’ve been taking a step back to see the larger patterns surfacing. It feels like there’s a reordering happening – like I’m being asked to reassess my top priorities right now and align my life, thoughts, and choices around them to regain a rhythm that feels good and right and peaceful.

I wonder if this is part of the literal season we are in. As we enter the Fall season (at least us Northern Hemisphere folk) the darker, shorter days call us deeper into ourselves for processing and taking inventory of what’s working and what’s not working and asking us to do the hard work of keeping our lives aligned to what we value and care most about.

Part of finding my way back to the flow means I finally stop trying so hard to contort my life to fit the things that are clearly not fitting and I start to take things OFF my plate.

I start to say, I’m sorry I thought I could do this right now, but I can’t.

My husband and I deemed November, Noooo-vember and committed to protecting open times that aren’t booked with Things. To Do. so our minds can stop spinning and we can settle from the inside out.

It means I say YES to a weekly gentle yoga class with my neighbor and say YES to a weekly Reiki session as a gift to myself.

And it means that I begin to honor the magic bubbling up around new WellGrounded Life offerings that want to be birthed but need me to be fully ready to bring them to the world.

I want to hear more about the seasons you’ve had (or maybe you are having right now) when the call to shift, to re-order, to find the flow is getting louder and louder.

What does it look like for you? What does it feel like for you?

How do you make your way through to a more peace-filled, alive, whole place?

Sending much love as we circle around to a new season and new place of peace and plenty in our lives,