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For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to do something to show how much I appreciate YOU as part of this WellGrounded Life community … It’s hard to put into words how much it means to me to have this haven of women, each of us striving to live into our most healthy and vibrant selves while supporting each other along the way.  It is such a gift.

So this month, I wanted to Share the Love and bless you with some fabulous giveaways that will support you on your way to healthy, vibrant living!  Each Wednesday during February, I’ll be giving away a product(s) from one of my trusted colleagues or from a trusted company.  The details for how to enter are below … {Be sure to sign up for The Ripple, my weekly newsletter, so you can get all the info on the coming giveaways as well.  Sign up in the box to the right!}

Wednesday, Feb 15 Giveaway

Love & Tea with Reclaim Your Life ($59 value)

Thanks to the generosity of the mom-powered company, Love & Tea, and my wonderful colleague, Anastasiya Goers of Balance in Me, we are giving away this package that will encourage and inspire you to carve out some time, brew an incredible cup of tea and step back for a new look at your life!  The following will be included:

 Mellow Mama Organic Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

An herbal tea-blend to be enjoyed by everyone ~ especially mamas and mamas-to-be.  Melodious, aromatic, relaxing.  2.4 oz of loose leaf for over 30 servings.




Jasmine Green Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Organic green tea traditionally scented with jasmine buds and flowers.  Fragrant and delicate lends to a smooth, sweet, light cup.  3 oz of loose leaf tea for over 30 servings. 




Heart-shaped Tea Infuser

Love & Tea Company founder, Jen Lashua, is a Certified Herbalist, Artist and Mama to four little sweet beings. Love & Tea features handcrafted organic teas, including specialty teas formulated for Women & Children’s Wellness.  A fusion of Jen’s two passions, tea & art, you will find Jen’s original paintings on her tea labels.  Love & Tea promotes the Art of Tea; engaging the mindful art of loose leaf tea while promoting artist’s creative works. 



Reclaim Your Life is a transformative online course created by Anastasiya Goers of Balance in Me. It is a structured, practical & logical home-study course that will help you reclaim your life, your time & your happiness. Check out all the details here.

Giveaway is Closed

Please connect with Love & Tea on Facebook and with Balance in Me on Facebook.

I’ll choose one winner on Tuesday, February 21 at Noon (EST) from the comments below.

And please feel free to Share the Love — let the women in your life know about this great giveaway and about the community we’re creating at WellGrounded Life

The stronger our collective grows, the stronger each of us grows.  {You know I’m all about conspiracy groups!} wink

With a heart that overflows,


101 responses to “Share the Love Giveaway!”

  1. Spring renewal tea sounds nice but any tea is good.

  2. Mellow Mama- love the name, sounds like something I need!:)

  3. Alison Minor Avatar
    Alison Minor

    The Fairy Tea collection sounds yummy.

  4. Alison Minor Avatar
    Alison Minor

    I’m such a procrastinator – I’d love to hear some advice so I can avoid passing on this bad habit to my kids.

  5. Alison Minor Avatar
    Alison Minor

    I Like Love & Tea on Facebook

  6. Alison Minor Avatar
    Alison Minor

    I Like Balance in Me on Facebook

  7. I would love to reclaim my energy – so many external forces require my energy that there is little left at the end of the day for me!

  8. Mellow Mama tea sounds like something I’d need…

  9. I’d love to try Mellow Mama tea!
    Thanks 🙂

  10. I’d love to try their moon time tea.

  11. Amanda Roggow Avatar
    Amanda Roggow

    I “liked” Love and Tea on Facebook. 🙂

  12. Amanda Roggow Avatar
    Amanda Roggow

    I’d love to try the Green Tea. I am trying hard to address my acne naturally and green tea is one of the thins I have read can help. 🙂

  13. Amanda Roggow Avatar
    Amanda Roggow

    I “liked” Balance in Me on Facebook. 🙂

  14. Amanda Roggow Avatar
    Amanda Roggow

    I would love to reclaim my presence. To live fully in the now and now the negatives of past or those (imagined) for the future.

  15. I think I would like to try the Tummy Tea… bit problematic lately ;(

  16. I love tea! The Jasmine sounds delightful though!

  17. I need to reclaim joy and order. I don’t want these years to pass by without feeling loads and loads of joy.

  18. As a mother of three and a child with special needs, I seldom find myself with free time. I have begun to reclaim some time for myself in participating in a wonderful Mother’s renewal group, but I still need help in really freeing my mind during MY time. I think maybe the qualities of herbal tea can help elevate my spirit to another plane, making my time-sacred ME time and truly make feel like im on a vacation from my overwhelmed life. Thanks!

  19. The green tea looks lovely! Thanks for this opportunity!

  20. The Jasmine Green Tea sounds delightful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. I like love and Tea on Facebook!

  22. I also liked Love & Tea on FB.

  23. MichelleB Avatar

    Mellow mama sure sounds interesting:). I try not to be a high-strung mama but if something could help- great!

  24. Ooh! Spring renewal would be lovely!

  25. All of the teas sound delicious but the Spring Renewal Tea caught my eye because I’m longing for the warmer, fresh days of spring right now!

  26. I would love to try Mellow Mama. Perfect name!

  27. I would like to reclaim balance and to enjoy my life every day.

  28. Moroccan Mint sounds lovely!!

  29. I think I need to try the Mellow Mama! 🙂

  30. I’d like to start feeling more balanced and reclaim my time!

  31. I would like to reclaim my energy

  32. I think I’d try to Mellow Mama

  33. I’d love to try the jasmine green tea!

  34. also liked Love and Tea on facebook!

  35. Mellow Mama tea sounds great–and I could use it!

  36. The part of my life I’d like to reclaim is standing in my truth. When did I get so shrunken down??

  37. I’d love any kind of tea!

  38. The mellow mama tea sounds great! I need some more mellowness in my life!

  39. I would like to reclaim peace in my life.

  40. I am in need of some Mellow Mama!

  41. I would like some Celebration Love tea!

  42. I like Love & Tea on Facebook.

  43. I would like to reclaim organization in my life!

  44. Kasie Roads Avatar
    Kasie Roads

    The mello Mama tea sounds sublime! I’d like to reclaim my evening time for some extra focus on journal writing.

  45. The Mellow Mama tea truly sounds good!

  46. I like Love & Tea on FB!

  47. I need to reclaim time and balance in my life.

  48. I like Balance In Me on FB!

  49. green Mountain mint is calling my name….

  50. I like Tea & Love on FB

  51. Fairy Tea Celebration – what a fun tea party to have with my daughter!

  52. Kristen S Avatar
    Kristen S

    I would love to try the green tea! Love the infuser <3

  53. i need to get my time management back under control

  54. I’m searching for more balance in my life. I have children married and six still at home. I have a hard time saying no to others and struggle with self-care. I am now dealing with chronic illness and working hard to find balance. Balance in Me sounds like a great place to start.

  55. I liked Balance in Me on FB

  56. balance – I’m always trying (wanting) to do a million things at once!

  57. I enjoy a nice cup of tea before I head to bed to help relax me from a stressful day. The Jasmine tea sounds delish.

  58. chris allred Avatar
    chris allred

    I like em all!!

  59. chris allred Avatar
    chris allred

    I like all of them!

  60. They all sound great! Mellow Mama sounds particularly wonderful for those rare kid-free moments.

  61. I want to try mellow mama. And I liked it on facebook 🙂

  62. I would love to try the Mango tea.

  63. I want to balance my life by being more consistent!! And I liked Balance in Me on facebook 🙂

  64. Catherine Avatar

    I’d love to try the jasmine green tea. I love green tea!~

  65. Catherine Avatar

    I liked Love & Tea on Facebook.

  66. Catherine Avatar

    I would like to reclaim my house – feels like clutter is overwhelming.

  67. Catherine Avatar

    I already liked Balance in Me on Facebook.

  68. Both teas look lovely! The 1st MAPP interview was just what I needed; am now listening to #2. Thanks!

  69. Mellow mama..I would love to know how to find balance for my life.

  70. The Jasmine Green tea sounds delightful!

  71. Rebeccan Nugent Avatar
    Rebeccan Nugent

    Mellow mama sounds really nice and relaxing for an evening tea

  72. MaryHelen Avatar

    I’m a tea lover who doesn’t drink any coffee and would like to try the Jasmine Green tea. I’d love to reclaim my hobbies and interests – a friend from high school sent me postcard for Valentine’s day and said that she thought I’d like it for my postcard collection. I had forgotten I used to collect postcards! It made me stop to wonder what else have I forgotten about myself.

  73. MaryHelen Avatar

    oops I put my tea and what I’d like to reclaim in one comment so I’ll comment again. I’d also like to regain some balance

  74. I would like to try fairy tea celebration

  75. I liked love and tea on Facebook

  76. I would like to reclaim enjoying life.

  77. I liked balance in me on facebook

  78. At 17 weeks pregnant I’d love to try the Mellow Mama tea!

  79. I’d love to try the Ginger Mountain Ginseng. As a homeschooling mama to three little girls, a 6-year-old and twin 3-year-olds, I can use all the help I can get to stay mentally focused and energized enough to keep up with all the demands of just my typical day. This day sounds fantastic!

  80. I’d like to try the pregnancy tea

  81. I liked Love & Tea on facebook (Hislove Endures)

  82. Mellow Mama sounds lovely… I need more “mellow” in my life!

  83. I like Love & Tea on FB!

  84. Definitely the mellow mama. I’m a mama & could use some mellow in my life. 🙂

  85. I would like to try the Mellow Mama tea. Sounds like just what I need.

  86. I “like” Love and Tea.

  87. I need either the pregnancy tea or the sweet relief heartburn tea right now!

  88. I would like to reclaim some structure! I feel like everything is so hectic that I’m bouncing all over.

  89. I would like to reclaim my time… be intentional about living my days and not letting life happen to me.

  90. I like Balance In Me on FB!

  91. Debbie Karp Avatar
    Debbie Karp

    Happy Citrus sounds incredible!

  92. Debbie Karp Avatar
    Debbie Karp

    “like” Love & Tea on FB

  93. Debbie Karp Avatar
    Debbie Karp

    I would like to reclaim more time for myself and not feel like I’m spread so thin with little left for myself.

  94. Mellow Mama sounds great to this mama!

  95. Spring Renewal Tea. Although I do like the winter and this one has been very mild, for some reason I am really yearning for springtime.

  96. Beating procrastination looks good to me 🙂

    I let fear, uncertainty, anxiety, etc. keep me from doing the things I need to do. It would be nice to reclaim that part of my life.

  97. ikkinlala Avatar

    I’m not sure if Canadians may enter, but just in case: I’d love to try the Moroccan Mint tea.

    1. ikkinlala – This is a worldwide community — you can definitely enter! 🙂

  98. ikkinlala Avatar

    I’d like to reclaim my sleep schedule.

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