Give Your Child the World Giveaway

IMG_2824This summer has been all about relaxing and recharging for my kids and me.

And now, as the Back to School frenzy is ramping up I’m even more grateful I gave myself this season of reprieve from the onslaught of busyness and constant “go-go-go”….

Because now, I’m excited about the pace quickening a bit. I want to jump back into my own work with more focus. I’m ready to get more productive and manage a faster-paced schedule.

But I also don’t want to spiral into the extreme on that side.

I don’t want to ping-pong into overwhelm or frazzled living either.

So, I decided put together a mini-series for the blog beginning next week about how to maximize productivity without sacrificing our sanity. Because I need to proactively order my schedule in the coming months, too!

Does that happen to sound good to anyone else out there?! πŸ˜‰

In the coming weeks I want to tackle that central desire that I believe most of us share- how to be in the active, high-productivity stretches of our days without sacrificing our inner well-being to the throne of busyness.

This 4 week mini-series will begin next week and is jam-packed with practical ways we can maintain our own well being while having the energy and clarity we need for our everyday life.

But before I sign off for today, I want to share about a book, Give Your Child the World, written by my dear friend, Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool.

Even though Jamie is a homeschooling mama and her book was written with that audience in mind- my own copy is dog-eared and noted-up in the margins because I’m a firm believer that regardless of how your children are educated- the family is still the most important place for life-time learning!

Give Your Child the World is a toolkit resource kind of book that weaves Jamie’s personal experience using books and stories to guide her children toward discovering the world –Β  in culture, geography and the landscape of the human heart.

I hope to begin making time for family read-alongs this year and her book has given me great ideas on where to begin.

Maybe this book is worth a look for you, too?

This week, I’d love to give 4 of my WellGrounded Mamas a copy of Jamie’s book, on me!

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! Congratulations Katie, Mary, Elie and Isabelle!! You will be contacted by the WellGrounded team via email!

I would LOVE to know the biggest challenge to your own self-care as you return back to the school/Fall/after-summer schedule!


Lisa Grace Byrne

*Giveaway is now closed.


139 responses to “Give Your Child the World Giveaway”

  1. My biggest challenge is remembering to take my bp medicine believe it or not… I am always working on school, the blog, or spending time with my kiddo, and sometimes I forget my meds. I’m excited about this book! I already bought a copy, but I’d love to win another so I can give it to my brother who homeschools his children.

    1. Victoria Matea Avatar
      Victoria Matea

      My biggest challenge is remembering to pencil in my own self care practice on the to do list. I am a very busy mama that just started working outside the home, I work long hours. So, there is so much that I have to think about and pack for my children that penciling in time for myself is tricky.

  2. Lindsey Avatar

    I am a people pleaser, so learning to say “No” at times has been a huge step in my journey and continues to be something I have to frequently remind myself to say as needed.

  3. Chrysti Avatar

    The biggest challenge for me is simply finding time for self-care. With three kids ages four and under, it seems like there are always a lot of needs to be met, which doesn’t leave much time or energy to meet my own needs!

  4. Looks like a great read!

  5. Heather Leeder Avatar
    Heather Leeder

    Hi Lisa, the book sounds very interesting. I am a grandmother and regularly look after two of my grandchildren who are under 5. Things have changed quite a bit since I was looking after my own children and I wish I had some of the information and resources then that people like you are generously providing for today’s Mums! One of my daughters home schools her children ages 5 to 10 and she is a super Mum but I am sure she would also benefit from this wonderful book! Thanks for sharing this opportunity and all your wonderful information.

  6. I would love this book. I’m a mom of four and am learning a lot from the replenish course even though my life has thrown a lot of curveballa this year. I’m always welcoming new strategies to help bring me closer to my children

  7. My biggest challenge is carving out the time for self-care.

    I seem to be constantly giving of myself and my time to my husband and kids. I was managing it better in the summer but the school year changes everyone’s wake up times. Now the time I used for myself in the mornings is full of other people, however the needs throughout the rest of the day haven’t changed.

  8. Constantly striving to balance everyone’s needs – I need to say no at times so I can engage in self care on a regular basis:)

  9. Shalini Avatar

    I would love more ideas for read aloud with my girls as I think they are never too old to be read to and its such a nourishing activity for us to do together. They absolutely love it.

  10. Kristen Avatar

    My biggest challenge for self-care is finding a regular time for it. With two kids in two different schools and a baby at home, our schedule is different from day to day, and hardly any spare time for me!

  11. Christina Avatar

    My biggest challenge is taking care of myself at the end of the day instead of just falling into bed – removing my makeup, completing my skincare routine, flossing and brushing. Those all don’t happen consistently if I’m not intentional! And I know that it actually starts with self care during the day – saying no when necessary, taking breaks when necessary, choosing to eat health-giving foods. Thanks for this post!

  12. Well done on taking rest!! πŸ™‚

  13. My biggest challenge is to remember that it’s not a whole new start over from scratch aka weeks of chaos before we get into a rhythm, but rather a refinement and course correction. Sounds like a great book!

  14. My biggest self care challenge during the school year is time to do something on days with extra curricular activities. In some ways, self care is easier in the school year because of the routine it creates, but also sometimes be Wednesday, I’m ready to just collapse in bed.
    The book looks so fascinating.

  15. We are currently living overseas and always looking for things to enlarge our worldview. For me, the hardest part of self care is taking the time to actually do it when I am juggling so much for the kids and ministry.

  16. I am always interested in books for self care. Being an older mom, I have to take care of myself so that I can be here for my children. I recently lost weight and have been mindful of what I eat. I need more guidance in continuing that care. Thanks for your great blog!

  17. My challenge is not jumping back in with busy-ness, but still allowing space for the rest and calm that summer allowed.

  18. Dori Landis Avatar
    Dori Landis

    Would love to have a copy! I’m always looking for ways to help my kids have a world-sized view!

  19. Allison Avatar

    We do homeschool, so the added time of lesson planning and teaching added to my days and then the addition of school year extra curricular activities makes my days so busy and full that I let myself fall to the wayside as I make sure all the kids and the schedule taken care of.

  20. Courtney Avatar

    My biggest challenge is getting to sleep at a decent hour, thus allowing me the much needed morning time to myself with a coffee and devotional before we start or school day.

  21. Kelsey Wheaton Avatar
    Kelsey Wheaton

    I have twin boys who are 3 and they are not in school at this time but I am overwhelmed trying to decide to send them or to homeschool them. I have also had very little self care since their birth because there is always a need and I try to do it all. Some days I just break down and cry because it’s too much. Plus I’m also pregnant! God is my ultimate strength and I go to Him in desperate times but I am working on going to Him ALL the time. And relying on Him to guide me with a school decision!

  22. I’ve begun to realize my need for self care in the last few months especially, with a almost three year old who doesn’t nap and an 8 month old. Thankfully my husband is very supportive, but it takes me taking note of myself and asking for help. That doesn’t come easily for me. We are just digging into the homeschooling world, and want to try it out this year. All the resources available can be overwhelming, so it would be great to have a starting point.

  23. My biggest challenge is also in the self-care area. I am making meditation a priority in my mornings and it was much easier 2 weeks ago, before school started and the morning routine is now not as relaxed, shall we say.

    I am a grandma-to-be! My 2 grown children were and are great readers! I actually had to take away their flashlights and tell them to get to sleep. I know my daughter will read to her baby and she may homeschool if possible. This book sounds like a wonderful resource for her.

    I am a preschool teacher and self-employed Avon Lady. I like to recommend resources to my parents and customers. My fellow teacher-partner is expecting her first child in November and I will share this book idea with her, as she is also an avid reader. She brought in THE GRUFFALO last year and we are building a themed unit from it.

    I just realized I need to share YOU too! Thank you for your emails and blog site, your wonderful inspiration and insights.I started with your 7 Days to Calm. I hope I can find all 7 days again as it would be good to refresh and remind myself of the calming ways when working with 3 year olds that are new to “going to school”.


  24. Dear Lisa, I am a mom of 3 and Grandmom of 4. I value and respect those that homeschool and know they can offer a perspective that most of us cannot. I am thankful for your insight and blog regarding self-care. It’s one of my regrets as a mom that I did not learn better self-care when my kids were young–I am still learning! One of the things I stress to my daughter-in-laws and single dad son is self-care while trying to be an example myself. The difficulties we all share trying to balance the challenges of raising a family, working in/out of the home, trying to be a good partner, friend, and daughter/son leave little time for ones self. I would love the opportunity to be considered for Jamie’s book “Give Your Child the World”–once becoming a grandmother that desire becomes just as important as when I was raising my own children.

  25. Kristin Avatar

    My biggest challenge is self sabotage via procrastination of little things that create unnecessary chaos in my day to day life. Such as meal planning and folding and putting away laundry . . .

  26. I recently became a single Mom after over 20 years of Marriage. I am Homeschooling my 15 year old twins AND now working a Full-time job in a City Thousands of miles away from where my Children have grown up. I also have been working on getting myself healthy, losing over 70 lbs in the last year and a 1/2. My biggest struggle right now, is trying to get back on track with my fitness routine which gives me the energy to do the rest of life. I am Praying for a Great school year for me and my kiddos in our new life circumstances.

  27. My biggest challenge is that I am actually really good at taking some “me time” mid-afternoon (we have a rest period every afternoon for everyone to do something quietly in their rooms), but then I feel guilty about it the rest of the day and try to make up for that time.

  28. My biggest challenge is to take time for me. By the time I get to the end of the day I forget to recharge me. I cook, clean do the laundry homeschool the girls buy the groceries prep the meals drive to all the extracurriculars take care of the animals and manage the household repairs clean up and drop into bed only to do it all over again day after day. Surely their is a better way?

  29. Oh Lisa! This book sounds awesome! I didn’t know she wrote another! I have her first book. My greatest self-care challenge during school time is being too tired to work on my anxiety over not having my kids at home. I wanted to homeschool but haven’t made it happen. I hope i win a copy!!!

  30. Jessica Avatar

    My biggest challenge is just remembering to take care of me. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in taking care of these little guys that I forget to even eat. LOL

  31. Getting enough rest!! I tend to try and cram a bunch of stuff in at night after rd time and neglect my own sleep!
    I wanna upgrade that!

  32. Trying to decide which good things to say “no” to so as to not have too much on my (or my family’s) plate!

  33. I do not take care of myself physically and it has taken a toll on me. I give plenty of TIME to my family but not for myself to walk or workout.

  34. My biggest challenge to self care is my husband’s job. He works shift work that includes 13 hour days and nights, and regular 8 hour days, any day of the week. On top of that his schedule is never regular so making sure we both have some time off is important as we have two small children as well.

  35. Tamara Abboud Avatar
    Tamara Abboud

    My biggest challenge is prioritizing my need for self-care.

  36. Kathleen Frasetto Avatar
    Kathleen Frasetto

    My biggest challenge is making healthy meals that everyone in the house enjoys!

  37. Crystal Avatar

    My biggest challenge is remembering to drink enough water during the day. I homeschool my three children and run two small businesses. Oftentimes I feel dehydrated by the end of the day. I have to try to “remember” to drink water because I usually don’t feel thirsty.

  38. my biggest challenge is balance! I’m home full time and also run a private therapy practice part time… And this year my oldest begins kindergarten and so j feel like a whole new chapter is beginning and I know there may be some struggles for him, especially emotionally so I feel I need to be even more balanced and centered to support him (while everything else moves along)! Looks like a great read!!

  39. My biggest challenge right now seems to be focus. I think if I made more time for journaling, I could get rid of some of the mental distractions to focus more on daily tasks.

  40. Isabelle Boesch Avatar
    Isabelle Boesch

    I’m not a homeschooling mama either, but my daughter is starting kindergarten at a waldorf school this year and I think we could really use some of the ideas in this book. Thanks for the suggestion!

  41. Shannon Avatar

    Self care. What is that?! I have a 2 month and four other busy children, so I often feel buried. I need time for myself or I don’t do anything else well. Sleep is a big one for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. My biggest challenge is evenings – with soccer and swim 4 to 5 nights a week, I am always running around when I need to be making dinner!

  43. I would love to give my child the world!! Reading together doesn’t happen EVERY night, but we do make sure it does at least 5 nights a week. This book would sure help with new ideas. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. I would love to give my child the world! ☺️

    Reflection on biggest challenge would echo a lot of folks on here- ‘me time’. I don’t get much of it and find I give up sleeping or even eating to accommodate others or work and my needs are rarely met by ‘me’! Big area of opportunity for me to grow.

  45. Honestly, my biggest challenge is asking for the time for self care. I find myself thinking I don’t want to put others out or it is just easier if I do it but in reality we are all happier if I ask for time for self care.

  46. Jessica Avatar

    My biggest challenge right now is trying to nap everyday (I’m 33 weeks pregnant). If I don’t get that much needed nap I don’t parent my 3 year old as well as I would like. It’s hard to wake my husband up early (he works nights) to get that nap because he needs his sleep too!

  47. Samantha Chapman Avatar
    Samantha Chapman

    My biggest challenge for self-care once we are back into the school season is definitely getting enough sleep. Our summer routine is much slower and I can get up at a natural time for my body before heading to work. Now I’m setting the alarm and getting up an hour before that natural time. Getting up in the morning when it’s still dark out is brutal for me! At least until we all get used to it.

  48. C. Webb Avatar
    C. Webb

    I’d like to win this book. I’ve heard good things about it.

  49. Sounds like an important mini-series for busy mamas. Self-care is always a challenge, especially when we have littles! My kiddos are a little older now but we homeschool and my hubby works away from home quite a bit. That means I’m with my kids 24/7! Sometimes I need a quiet break, lol!

    I follow Jamie’s blog and have been thinking about getting this book for this school year! I’d be so excited to receive a copy! Thank you πŸ™‚

  50. I’d be so grateful to have a copy of this book!

  51. I don’t feel that I got a restorative break this summer and I am completely frazzled just looking ahead to the start of the new school year! On another note, this book sounds like a fantastic resource for all parents and families!

  52. Elisabeth Avatar

    My son & I read stories together every night and I often seek out particular books when we need to learn particular life lessons or explore some new or tricky aspect of life. He is so receptive to stories! I’m very interested to learn of more influential books, as well as to learn all about Jamie’s approach!

    Thank you for your continued energy and inspiring spirit, Lisa! You have so much to offer and I soak up your blog like a sponge. You’ve been a steady source of support since I became a mom almost 5 years ago! ❀️

  53. Heather Avatar

    My biggest challenge is going to be remembering that I deserve time to myself. I was laid off from my job at the beginning of August and I’ve been feeling guilty if I spend any time doing anything not job-search related.

  54. Lorraine Swartzentruber Avatar
    Lorraine Swartzentruber

    I always lack sleep. When my son naps or goes to bed I want to get things done around the house or spend time with my husband. (Or a good book!)

  55. I struggle with the need to please people, so telling people no is a big problem for me! I also have problems with validating to myself the importance of my needs- I completely ignore that they exist or tend to find those of others to be more important than my own. These are both things that I need to work on in the coming months!

    I am researching and absorbing all I can about homeschooling with hopes of providing a wonderful education for my child at home- and anywhere else we wander! A copy of this book would be a wonderful resource and blessing!


    I am excited and looking forward to reading yoir 4 wwek mini series on maximizing our productivity without loosing our sanity. I definitely NEED this. Also excited about the giveaway, the biok soinds like something my gamily needs.


    My biggest challenge is organization of my days. I don’t plan things out well enough therfore I end up rushing and hurrying all of the yime and never yaking time out for me.

  58. Michelle Avatar

    As a homeschool mom, I’m always looking for good reading material. Thank you for the giveaway!
    Finding time for self care is a challenge as well as knowing what feeds my soul. Still learning:)

  59. Erika Ellis Avatar
    Erika Ellis

    Sounds like a wonderful book! Thank you for the recommendation and I’d love to be included in the raffle.

  60. Annie Dong Avatar
    Annie Dong

    My biggest challenge is not taking on other people’s projects. We have 5 kids in a charter school- I homeschool 3 days out of the week. When they receive projects ( often alm at once). I take on the stress of it myself. This season with tweens seems extra heavy cause they are not yet independent. Teaching them responsibility and initiative will be my challenge this year!
    I’ve been eying your book and would love a copy!

  61. My biggest selfcare challenge is too remember that I don’t always need to put the needs of my family first and that sometimes I can take a few minutes for myself. Especially as I start homeschooling our oldest boy this year. This book sounds like a wonderful resource for any mom.

  62. My biggest challenge is balance. I go go go and then crash. I need to learn to pace myself. As we’ve started back to busyness I have said over and over I refuse to be stressed. I just can’t! Also, going to bed to get plenty of rest. I’m either up doing thing last I didn’t have time to do or enjoying time with my hubby or by myself. But I need to plan better BC lack of sleep ca
    Uses it all to go spiraling down!

  63. My biggest challenge is getting up earlier to do my own “self-care” things like Quiet Time and exercise before having to wake the kids up to get ready for school. Over the summer I love the quiet of the morning when the kids are sleeping in a little later and waking up “early” isn’t so “early”. Once kids need to be woken up to get ready for school earlier it takes more commitment on my part to get to bed on time the night before so the earlier morning is more doable.

  64. dj duff Avatar
    dj duff

    Lifetime learning with the family is so important, and I love resources to support this. We are learning another round of forgiveness and grace. Nothing like personality differences and different values to leave family members on the outs with one another. Thanks for all you offer us, knowing we’re not alone is huge.

  65. My biggest challenge is turning down opportunities to get involved and serve at school, church, sports, etc. and even helping my kids manage the amount of invitations they accept.

  66. I have been dealing with daily headaches for a few years now and have fallen so behind on organization. I was hoping to be more prepared when school started but having my older 2 starting school 2 weeks ago and my youngest starting next week I have not gotten there yet and with the day’s being Cruz they minute they walk in the door- snack, homework, fundraiser sales, supper, baths, and bedtime. There just isn’t enough time in the day.

  67. Marilyn Avatar

    I picked this book up at the library and love it, would love to have a personal copy on my bookshelf!

  68. I love to read and would love to have more ideas of books from other countries to share with my kids.

  69. My kids are still really little, but I want to start good habits now about instilling a sense of curiosity!

  70. Crystal Avatar

    I love your philosophy that no matter how you educate your child, the home is the place for lifelong learning. My husband and is a teacher and I am a former teacher and we plan to send our children to a Christian school, but I very much believe this way. I’ve been seeing Give Your Child the World and I can’t wait to get my hands on copy!

  71. I would love to win this book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. My biggest challenge is creating time and space for what I need to fill my cup. I spend endless time caring for my family and meeting their needs and when it comes to me, i am exhausted. It is continually a work in progress. I love researching cultural ways to educate my son in the world that doesn’t involve sitting in a classroom. This book sounds amazing!

  73. My biggest challenge is home educating two of our children who are on the Autism spectrum.
    This book sounds wonderful.

  74. Stephanie Avatar

    As a mother of four, two with very different special needs (because we would hate to get bored), I struggle to balance everything. I find myself thinking, “I should have had time to do extra lessons, I didn’t do her exercises with her, I didn’t have him read yesterday”… so much negativity. (notice I didn’t even bother to put myself in there).

  75. Stephanie Avatar

    I struggle with being kind to myself when I’m not self-disciplined enough to meet my goals. Every day I’m trying again to eat healthy, exercise, meditate, keep the house clean and be a nurturing, present mom. This time of year is especially hard because my husband is a teacher. It’s wonderful to have him home all summer, but so hard to lose his help now.

  76. My biggest challenge is listening to my body and soul when it comes to how I should spend the time I have for myself. Nap? Blog? Journal? Draw? Music? Eat? It’s hard for me to discern what would be the best use of the kids’ naptime.

  77. I am so happy in caring for my family sometimes I get too busy to take the quiet time I need to recharge. Giving is good but too much is harmful..always learning:)

  78. Wow your blog and the book certainly hit a nerve and sparked a flurry of comments. I have been in the well grounded replenish 365 for a year and a half and it has taught me so much about self care practices that are easy to implement and having grace for ourselves when we get off course. One of the things I have been learning to balance the productivity with down time is one acknowledging I NEED downtime in the week. Taking time to recharge or relax helps everything and I am single mom of two so there is plenty to do. I repeat that to myself take a break even a small twenty minute break will reap rewards. Also I am starting to feel better what is too much oh that day was too much what can I pare down so it becomes more manageable in a sustainable way. Or oh that was a big day I can do that once a week. I love some days where I can just really focus on work and do extra even at home after work but that can’t be every day for the rhythm of our family. Anyway the point was coming back to your own heart and needs noticing when something feels too much or inspiring. Self care doesn’t have to be on a to do list it can just be as simple as checking in and noticing how you are doing in the moment and considering your needs.

  79. My biggest challenge is managing my energy throughout the days and weeks — balancing energy giving and energy draining tasks, people, etc- and maintaining the boundaries of time in my own self care time when I am able to crave that out… In which guilt, and the overwhelm of family needs can easily encroach on– would love this book as my oldest in particular has different educational needs than the standard school can provide. Love your work! Thanks for doing it!

  80. Kristen Avatar

    Like many, the biggest challenge is time – single mom of two boys with a demanding full-time job and limited support from their father. I’m trying to learn how to be gentler with myself and to be okay with the fact that not everything will be done every day, or done the way I would like it to be, and that ‘good enough’ is a perfectly reasonable alternative. It’s a work in progress!

  81. My biggest challenge is trying to be truly present with my kids. My phone eats up too much of my time, and they already imitate me with their own technology use. I have an 8 year old boy, twin almost 5 year old boys, and an almost 1 year old baby girl, and trying to meet the needs of such a broad spectrum is also difficult.

  82. My biggest challenge is practicing “good is good enough” around food/meals–I’m a huge “food is medicine” girl and often get a little zealous around nutrition/meal creation.. I also get fed creatively by cooking –when I’m fully resourced–so aware of this dynamic too. So in a nutshell–more oatmeal/fruit and scrambled eggs and less tenderloin/Mediterranean veggie grill with chimichurri sauce!!

  83. Rebekah Avatar

    I am somewhat new to homeschooling, and I would love to win a copy of this book!
    My biggest challenge right now is trying to get myself to bed on time so I can be energized in the morning. After getting the kids to bed and finish up household stuff, I love to sit and relax, and sometimes I can get caught up in Facebook, or TV, or other time-sucking activities. Before I know it, it’s 11 or 12… and then I am slow-moving in the morning. I know a good day begins with a good night’s rest.

  84. I am new to homeschooling and have two daughters. Both are very bright, but one has many learning disabilities. I work full time also, so I have to try hard to put me first. I take too many meds (want to get off them, but that’s another story) and I don’t always remember to take them all. I tend to start the running to finish with schooling before work at 2 pm. I need all the help I can get. Dedi

  85. My biggest challenge seems to be that I can get really excited about planning, organizing and thinking about things, but I don’t always actually DO them. Follow through is tough for me. I think I need to adopt the Nike slogan “just do it!”

  86. April P Avatar
    April P

    My challenge is keeping my anxiety about my son’s education from affecting his education.

  87. My biggest challenge is being patient with all the interruptions in schooling brought on by three very small children, while keeping them all engaged.

  88. Julie LeVeen Avatar
    Julie LeVeen

    I had wanted to order this book, but busy-ness got in my way. Clearly I need better balance!

  89. My biggest challenge is putting my own needs (self care and professional role) on par with the needs of my family.

  90. Kahri Lynn Avatar
    Kahri Lynn

    My biggest challenge will be fitting in the time!

  91. Jessica Avatar

    Yes, please. The world between the covers!

  92. Finding the time πŸ™‚

  93. I think my biggest challenge might be eating – sometimes I’m so focused on getting the kids fed a good breakfast, packing good lunches, and getting them out the door that I completely forget to eat – and then end up grabbing whatever junk I find instead of feeding myself well too.

  94. We just decided not to send our oldest to preschool for this very reason. We believe that we will be able to teach her just as much (and maybe more) in our own home and with our own adventures. Thanks for reaffirming this for us. The book looks fantastic.

  95. My biggest challenge with self-care is allowing myself to take a break from all the things I feel like I need to do. A lot was put on the back burner during the summer with all my kids home from school, and now I’m feeling the pressure to make some serious headway on some things that need to get taken care of around the house. I’m deeply craving taking some time out of the to dos for things like crafting but because it doesn’t seem “productive” I’m having a hard time giving myself permission.

  96. Amanda Austin Schrof Avatar
    Amanda Austin Schrof

    My biggest challenge is scheduling time for my self-care with the same priority and importance (or more!) than the activities for my kids and husband/family. I’m excited that starting next month, our 12 yr old neighbor girl will be coming over on Saturdays as a Mother’s Helper, to play with my kids while I focus on my coursework and, ok, probably the housework too, lol!

  97. My biggest challenge is balancing it all. Productivity self care housework business friends aging parents on top of husband and 5 kids.

  98. My biggest challenge is taking the time to plan for healthy meals. I tend to justv throw meals together at the last minute, and then feel guilty.

  99. Kayla H Avatar
    Kayla H

    Exercise for myself is usually the first thing I let slide as we get busier

  100. LaTrisha Dotson Avatar
    LaTrisha Dotson

    My biggest challenge is that I get too caught up in what I’m doing and I forget to stop for a while and have a little quiet time. I tend to keep going until it’s time to go to bed and then I end up staying up late at night trying to get things ready for the next day. My plans for this school year is to make sure I include to quiet time in our daily schedule. My whole family will benefit from having a little quiet.

  101. Cynthia Avatar

    My biggest challenge sometimes is to remember that positive thoughts lead to positive actions and and being a positive minded mother will help me raise positive well educated children

  102. My biggest problem for myself I guess would be being hard on myself when it comes to my son learning. As for self care I do so things for myself, but they consist of being while I’m at home. I help care for my aging father, the housework for my mother, my son, my hubs, my dogs and my turtle. The things I do for myself are my nails, my bf doing my hair, giving myself time to play video games. I just need to eat healthy and not give up on that so easily. ?

  103. Erica Polizzotto Avatar
    Erica Polizzotto

    I love books!

  104. My biggest challenge is twofold. I struggle with making sure to not over schedule so I get some introversion refueling while scheduling enough that my extroverted child gets friend time. My other struggle is that I suffer from chronic back pain for a variety of reasons, mainly that I was injured last year, and it can make it difficult to get us out and active.

  105. I struggle to set aside time for myself.

  106. Valerie Avatar

    My biggest issue is beating myself up for not doing everything perfect. I need to except good enough on my part.

  107. Kathryn Avatar

    My biggest challenge is finding time to exercise, eat well and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. It’s hard to enjoy the small moments of joy when we are always rushing to the next “thing” and rushing to accomplish the next task on our to-do lists.

  108. Pamela Koop Avatar
    Pamela Koop

    Would love to read this book! Just starting into my schooling journey with my kids and want them to “see” the world!

  109. Miranda Wilsey Avatar
    Miranda Wilsey

    I just checked the book out from the library. It is excellent! After reviewing it, I knew I needed my own copy.

  110. Rebekah Avatar

    Hmm. I’m not even sure how to sort out what my back-to-school struggles are. We just enrolled our 5yo on the heels of an international move…so lots of what’s going on here may be intertwined with the move, as well! I didn’t even cry when my first baby went to her first day of school! ???

    This book has been on my radar for some time! Whether we homeschool next year or not, I’m sure Jamie’s book will be such an awesome resource! We love our bedtime read-alouds.

  111. Angie W. Avatar
    Angie W.

    As a homeschooling Mom of two kids living overseas (in Romania), my biggest challenge is to make self care time happen, to make it a priority, to pencil it in and just do it!

  112. Emily Freund Avatar
    Emily Freund

    Consistancy is the most difficult for me. I do great and the. Get distracted by other things.

  113. My biggest challenge is so simple it sounds crazy but just remembering to drink enough water really gets me!

  114. We are firm believers in giving our children the opportunity to understand the world and their place and roles in it. Can’t wait to read this book!

  115. What parent doesn’t desire to give their kids the world in some way? Looks like a great book! We’re moving for the second time this year with kids 1 and 3 years old. We farm, so we’ll continue to live far from town and are feeling called to start from scratch a permaculture farmstead outside of our full-time work. Big dreams lol. Each day He sustains me; my biggest challenge is following through with ANY self-care practice as we live life in limbo.

  116. Christine Avatar

    My biggest challenge is staying consistent with self care practices in the midst of parenting, working and caring for others. Looks like a great read!

  117. My biggest challenge is regular exercise.

  118. My biggest challenge is taking time out to eat. I would rather accomplish something since I always feel like I have so much to do.

  119. Shante Bigelow Avatar
    Shante Bigelow

    I have two major challenges! Sleep and exercise! My youngest is still nursing and waking me up during the night (he’s 14 months old), so while I would love to consistently wake up and exercise at about the same time every day, it is very difficult to drag myself out of bed AT ALL, and especially before kids wake up!

  120. Jen Sims Avatar
    Jen Sims

    My biggest challenge to finding ‘me’ time is getting my daughter to bed on time – not only for her – but so that I can have an hour or so to myself each evening…

  121. JoannaT Avatar

    I would love to win this book. My greatest challenge to self-care is what seems to be ever-increasing demands from all areas: work (paid, outside the home), volunteer stuff (related to my daughter), home ….

  122. Melissa Irmen Avatar
    Melissa Irmen

    My biggest challenge is changing the schedule – adjusting to earlier bedtimes, and earlier starts to the morning.

  123. Desi-Ann Gordon Avatar
    Desi-Ann Gordon

    My biggest challenge is my time with God. I get so overwhelmed with housework, caring for my children, being a good wife that I don’t give God the time he deserves.

  124. My greatest challenge to my self-care is what I call my White Rabbit feeling — I’m late, I’m late for a very important…That feeling of constantly being behind, running to catch up, never being able to do enough/perfectionism. When I let go of that, and just breathe, and feel grateful, I remember that I can let go of some things, do what I can and be gentle with myself and those around me. Then I get much more done & am much more relaxed about it.

  125. Heather Avatar

    I would love this book! I just started homeschooling my 8 year old this week. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  126. The challenge I face is to realize that my best laid plans may turn out less than perfect but I can still adapt and enjoy the outcome!

  127. Susan Randolph Avatar
    Susan Randolph

    My biggest challenge is feeling overwhelmed by all my responsibilities. Then there is me and the needs for me. Which side beacons me most, which is the most urgent and the balance of these two.
    I am a reader and have 5 kiddos so am always desiring the best for them. LOVE LOVE what you do. Been helped many times by your insight.

  128. Carla Woelcke Avatar
    Carla Woelcke

    I need to be careful to not let the overwhelm take over- spinning my wheels and becoming so discouraged that I “self-medicate” on FB. I need to be consistent in my baby steps and take pride in whatever I do accomplish.

  129. My biggest challenge is working in time to exercise as I control my blood sugar by natural ways. This book sounds very interesting and helpful.

  130. Virginia Avatar

    My Challenge: Dealing with my own poor health while teaching my stubborn 10 year old and living with my bipolar spouse. Some days it’s really chaotic around here. Other days, everyone’s tired and sleepy.

  131. My biggest challenge is not saying no to others around me and not putting myself first sometimes. Often times I find myself jumping into bed only to realize that I need to get back up again because I even forgot to take my medication and brush my own teeth! πŸ™‚
    I’ve started to try implementing new routines to bring some of that self care into my day by incorporating some short interval exercise and yoga in the morning and just letting our toddler join along (it’s a good habit for him as well after all!). This at least is a small step, and let’s face it, small steps are what busy moms are all about to get to the finish line!

  132. My biggest challenge is finding balance. Working full time and managing a household with 3 children under 6 is tough. I feel like Im constantly behind and never caught up. So many ideas, projects, meals, routines I want to try…just cant figure out how to fit it all in.

  133. Shea Bogle Avatar
    Shea Bogle

    How I need both the book and the 4 week course!

  134. biggest challenge to my self-care as we return back to the school schedule: desire to just jump into activity along with the sense that any non-doing is really wasting time. (My heart KNOWS this is not the case, but my brain still needs the reminder.)

    Eager for your mini course on the blog! Thank you for all you do to encourage us mamas in the trenches to remember that care for ourselves is one of our best allies.

  135. Carving out time is my biggest struggle to self-care. My days are so busy that I’m often too exhausted to take time for myself.

  136. My biggest challenge will be keeping self-care a priority while balancing work and parenting during the time that my husband is away for school. Looking forward to your mini course Lisa!

  137. My biggest challenge is getting in my daily run. I’m a happier, more relaxed person when I do, but since I work, mornings are the time I have to spend schooling my kids. So as soon as we start our school morning routine, and especially as the mornings get darker, I have a hard time squeezing a run in.

  138. Jennifer Brubacher Avatar
    Jennifer Brubacher

    My kids are 15 and 13 and still loved being read to, but it is such an easy thing to let go of and turn on the TV instead. Looking forward to reading this book and for the reminder to pick this habit up again. : )

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