My little ones have been feeling under the weather…which makes for a very groggy Mama after a couple nights of little sleep.  I do still have some “gems” to share this week, though.  I hope you enjoy!

Photo by Frank Jakobi

Photo by Frank Jakobi

  • One of my favorite artists also happens to be a best friend of mine, Kristin Moro.  We were roommates in college where she studied art not only in the classroom but apprenticed two prominent artists in the San Luis Obispo area of California.  Her passion and career for painting took off and is still soaring today!  Her most recent series, The Birds and The Bees, has me drooling…I can’t wait to add one of these prints to my home.


  • I recently happened upon the blog, Serene Journey.  I spent a good hour reading through the archives and loved Sherri and Gwynn’s perspective on how to enjoy life more.  In particular, I enjoyed taking a moment to reflect on the beauty of nature in this post, and reading about her down to earth suggestions for alleviating stress here.


  • This week I also had times of feeling really worn out and overwhelmed…inadequate, exhausted.   I was sent a link to this sermon from Pearl Church in Oregon.  I started listening to it casually, but about half way through felt drawn into its message– it felt personal and very timely for where I was and what I was feeling.  The pastor was remarking on the gospel of Luke, with the loaves of bread and fish that were to feed the multitudes. He asked us to consider why Jesus asked the disciples, “What do you have?” …  and then used the little they had to do mighty things.  The pastor preached, “When you feel you have no time, take the little time you have, lift it to the God, ask Him to break it, to bless it, and see what He might do with it…When you feel you have no heart left to give…take the little heart you have, offer it to the Lord to break it, bless it and see what He might do with it…When you feel you have no money, no talent, no energy, no love or care left…take the little you can muster, offer it to the Lord ask him to break it, to bless it and then see what He might accomplish through it.”  It really spoke to my heart. 


  • And now, completely on a different topic, I’ve been using the website Mint to help me track and account our monthly spending.  It’s blog had this visual of the current financial crisis    I really enjoyed seeing it in this form. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend spent with those you love and enjoying the moments you make together!