The 4 Teacher’s Guides provide the complete library of leading-edge, ready-to-use, beautifully formatted class materials that correlate to the 6 pillars throughout the Replenish 365 curriculum.

You can use these materials as your core offerings as well as baseline foundations for speaking engagements, webinars, and retreats.

Complete Teaching Materials Provided in each of these topical areas:

1. Calm Mind Teacher’s Guide

2. Nourished Body Teacher’s Guide

3. Hormonal Vitality Teacher’s Guide

4. Vibrant Living Teacher’s Guide

Ready to Use Every tried-and-true teacher’s guides come with individual class materials ready to use for your students, suggestions on ways to present and organize material for different formats, and specific tips for making your offering engaging and interactive, including discussion guides and demonstration options.

Engaging and Authentic Marketing Materials Marketing can often feel sleazy and pushy. You’ll be provided with simple marketing materials that are engaging, authentic and ready-to use. For promoting and marketing your offerings, you’ll receive templates for flyers, email scripts, and sample invitations to partners in your community. You’ll learn to find your unique voice and why it’s crucial that you share your gift with the world (that’s the heart of authentic marketing).

Ready-to-use, beautifully formatted, extensive library of material so you can begin making an impact and income immediately.