We are about a month into my year-long program and something so predictable I could set my clock to it is coming up for the women in the group.

I call it the “push back” or resistance that begins when forward movement in our lives begins to take place.

Have you ever felt that whenever you finally commit to making positive changes, out of nowhere, chaotic circumstances start to take over?

Maybe you set out to eat healthier and lose weight, and all of a sudden the kids come down with a cold, you start arguing with your husband and your boss asks you to take on a stressful new project.

If you are like most of us, you don’t always connect one thing to the other…but inevitably, these challenges blindside you and derail you from your original focus and goals.

What if I told you that there is a physical, biochemical reason for this?

And that, in fact, it is the surest sign you are ramping your life up for a new, higher level of being?

I’m tackling this issue head on in this week’s video- and sharing exactly how to ride through this initial change phase so you can get into smoother waters and catapult yourself into exceeding your goals once and for all.