Exhausted by “Monkey Brain” all day?

In case you’ve never heard of the term “monkey brain” let me explain. It’s when your thoughts feel like a troupe of monkeys bouncing around like lunatics in your head all day long. On a very basic level it’s maddening to think this way all day. But it also directly impacts your ability to make clear decisions, have space and openness in your mind, feel productive and think creatively. It makes you feel like a raw nerve.

Now, maybe I’m the only one who has these kinds of days…but if you are relating- read on, mama.

Many of us know the basics around supporting our brain toward more clarity and focus- namely that multitasking does NOT work, that a properly fed body and rested mine are critical and that systems and schedules can be hugely effective in getting the chaos out of our head and into some order.

But there is a whole world of neuroscience that I’ve come to tap into that has been hugely helpful in wrangling those monkeys and giving me the power and fluidity of calm, lucid and clear thoughts back.

That is what I’m planning to share in a new bonus module I’ve added to the upcoming group run of my course, Harmonize Your Hormones.

The main focus of this course is to deliver outstanding results in your life- so that you literally FEEL the difference in your mood, energy, social and emotional flow every month, stress resiliency, metabolism and deep rest. I do that by building a huge tool kit of practical and concrete strategies you can employ in your busy mom life to get balanced and harmonized from the inside out.

I already am so proud of this course- in how it delivers huge value in convenient and smart ways– but I wanted to take it one step further as a bonus gift to those who sign up for this group run.

I’m adding a bonus class on neuroscience-based tools to help mamas get a handle on their scattered thinking and inability to focus so they can move into more productive, clear thinking and creative days.

So, if you join us for the group, live-run of Harmonize Your Hormones (which means you sign up before this Monday when we begin)…you’ll get access to the special bonus class I’m teaching Your Brain on Balance: Ease Into Clarity, Focus and Productivity for a Busy Mom’s Life.

If you are still on the fence and considering taking the leap with us, I would love to have you aboard. Learn more about the course by clicking here– and remember, this bonus is only for those signing up by this Monday (Oct 1), so if you are interested- grab your seat soon.

Here’s to replacing those monkeys with smooth, fluid and super-smart dolphins ๐Ÿ™‚


p.s. As you know I’m gearing up to start our 5 week course this Monday. It is a live group run which includes not only access to all the course materials, but exclusive admission to the private FB community, 2 live Q+A calls with me for personal attention and weekly emails guiding you through the curriculum step by step. I’d love to meet you personally and journey with you through this transformation- click here to get more info and to enroll.


2 responses to “Exhausted by “Monkey Brain” all day?”

  1. Monkey brain, yes! That’s me!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I really would love to do your hormone class–I call myself a fertility nut and would love to hear and experience what you have to say!! Better make up my mind fast….

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