If you’ve ever struggled with making a decision
or tapping into clarity on which direction to go
or wrestled with when to say Yes and when to say No…this video is for you.

In the past couple weeks my team and I have been getting emails
from moms who have questions about Replenish 365.

Many of these emails are straightforward, detail-kinds of questions.
Ones we easily can answer.

Other emails, though, are harder for us to answer.

Because the tone of the questions comes down to…

“Can you tell me whether I should join? I’m having such a hard time deciding!”

And, of course, that’s not an email we can answer directly…
but we’ve all felt this place of struggle when we needed to decide something
and felt confused as to make the wisest decision.

After reading these emails, I thought…

“If this woman was in my program or a mom I was mentoring privately…what would I say to her?”

THIS video is exactly what I would say.

It has the suggestions, tools and strategies I would share, and indeed, what I use over and over again when I’m in an indecision place in my own life.

And, they haven’t failed me yet.

Whether you are discerning if Replenish 365 is right for you or not,
I know these tools will help you in your life-
because none of us is exempt from having to tap into our own inner knowing to make wise decisions.

Click through to watch the video:

In it I share:

  • What guarantees you’ll make a bad decision every time, and how to avoid it

  • How to enlist both your head and your heart when you are making decisions


  • The 3 questions you must ask if you want to tap into your own wisest answer

  • What to do when fears start to come up and muddy the waters

I hope you enjoy the video and get great value from the tools!

Finally, just a head’s up that tomorrow

~Friday, January 16 at 10:00 am EST~

I’ll be leading a LIVE information session
for anyone who has questions they’d like me to answer about Replenish 365.
Learn about Replenish 365
I’ll share more details about the program and what is like to work with me for the year
and then I’ll answer questions that have been emailed in as well as open up the lines to anyone who wants to ask questions to me directly tomorrow.

The session will begin at 10:00am EST Friday, January 16
and I’ll stay on the line for as long as needed to field every question!

Details about attending the Information Session below.

One of the best outcomes of learning how to tap into your best sources of wisdom is the confidence that grows around making decisions.

I hope the tools in this video serve you well 🙂

Sending much love,


ps.  Here are the details for the live Replenish 365 Information Session:

Friday, January 16 at 10:00am EST

To attend by phone:

Dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Pin code: 985631#

To attend by computer: CLICK HERE.