New to essential oils…or curious about ways they can be used to better care for yourself and your family?

I’ve used essential oils in my own self care practice (as well as how I care for my family) for over 10 years now.

But, when I was first introduced to essential oils, I had a lot of questions. And I also didn’t exactly know where to start.

If that sounds like you, this workshop is designed to meet you right where you are.

We’ll cover the basics of what essential oils are, the different ways we can safely use them, and specific ways you can begin to integrate essential oils into your everyday self care.

This workshop is for a beginner, “everyday” essential oil user who is interested in exploring whether bringing essential oils into their lives and homes is a good fit…and wants to know the simplest, most straightforward way to do that.

It’s also for someone who already uses essential oils a bit, but would like to keep learning new ways to work with them.

This class is not for the advanced student of essential oils who wants certification-level training or for someone who wants to use essential oils in the treatment of a specific condition, illness or disease. We simply won’t go into that level of detail in this workshop.

The cost? Nothing…except for an openness to learn and grow in new ways to care for yourself and your own well-being. I love creating these “toolkit” workshops for my WellGrounded Life community!

The Workshop will consist of 2 main parts.

  1. The Teaching Webinar:  where I’ll go into more explanation of what essential oils are, how they can be used, safety protocol I use for myself and my family and the top ways I use them on an “everyday” basis.

2. The Video Library consists of short and sweet demonstration videos that show exactly how I use different oils for different purposes.

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Lisa Grace Byrne, MPH is the founder of the WellGrounded Life community and the WellGrounded Institute for Women’s Wellness. She is passionate about supporting women and moms to live into healthy, strong and vibrant lives.

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“Self care is not selfish, you can not serve from an empty vessel.”

~Eleanor Brown