Welcome to the Essential Oils Toolkit Workshop

with Lisa Grace Byrne

The Essential Oils Toolkit Workshop is designed for those who are new or curious about how to safely use essential oils in their own self care practice and in their homes.

The workshop consists of two main parts:

  1. The Everyday Essential Oils Webinar is where I’ll teach about the nature of essential oils,a bit of their history, explore different options for safe uses and share my own experience with using them in my own life and in my home.
  2. The Toolkit Videos are a series of short demonstrative videos that share specific ways I use different essential oils for quick reference and easy to follow instructions and ideas on making essential oils more a part of your whole-person, whole-family plan for wellness.

PLEASE NOTE: I’ll be building the video library in the next couple weeks, adding short videos over time- I’ll let you know as they get added to the library!

Lisa Grace Byrne, MPH

Essential Oils Toolkit Workshop

I personally use Young Living oils for myself and my family. If you are interested in purchasing Young Living oils, you can click through the button below and you will be brought to my Distributor page. Young Living is a MLM company and to purchase their oils you need to go through an Independent Distributor- so using the page linked below will allow you to purchase through my distributorship.

As I shared in the webinar, I do not participate in the “essential oil” wars often circulating on the interwebs. I have used Young Living oils for over a decade and have always felt 100% confident in the quality of their product. I trust the company and have done my own personal research in coming to that decision.

That being said, I am quite sure there are other, reputable, quality essential oils available out there and if you would prefer to purchase from other companies~ wonderful! I hope you find the information in this workshop valuable in your experience and exploration of essential oils.

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Video Library

Using a Diffuser



Stress Away

Focused Mind

Evening Calm

Heart Chakra

Clean Home

Colds and Kids

Ingesting Oils

Getting Started

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