This week so kicked my butt.

I’ve never had a “back to school” week quite like this one.

For one, I feel like I am losing my mind with all the things I needed to remember.  It’s like having a hundred push pins of information falling out of my hands and no cork board to actually land them in.  Nothing is sticking.

I marvel at the moms who seem to have been able to get a shower in this week.  I’m not one of them.

What I didn’t expect was the emotional riptide I went through watching my oldest completely THRIVE and swan dive with such grace and courage into KINDERGARTEN.  Ahh.  It just feel so BIG.

What I’ve come to learn over time is that transitions in our life are like doorways.

There are some fascinating things about doorways.  Studies have shown that it is much harder to remember something after you’ve walk through a doorway.

Have you ever had the experience where you walk into a room and literally stand there blankly because you can not remember for the life of you why you came into the room?  It actually has to do with (at least in some part) the fact that you walked through a physical doorway.  But I believe we are wired to “clear the slate” during other figurative doorways of our life too.

These can happen during the most unassuming times.  All of a sudden, you get a clear knowing that you are straddling the threshold of two distinct phases or seasons or legs of the journey.  It happens to me as my children are growing- they move along and it is hard to even see their growth and then all of a sudden I’m keenly aware that a shift is happening- a transition- a doorway of their growth is before us and I know things will be changing quickly.

So here it is for me, another doorway moment as my oldest enters Kindergarten.  I’ve been tearing up and breathing deep all week.

I’m learning to pause and take stock of these times.

To take the time and space I need to process it fully.  To acknowledge and celebrate the season we are leaving and to look forward with great anticipation and excitement to the next leg of the journey, fully present.

How was YOUR transition this year?  In fact how have you learned to honor the doorways of motherhood and raising a family?  I’m fascinated by how others mark the special moments and rituals of their lives.

If you care to take a moment and leave a tender mama some words or wisdom, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Many blessings for new starts and gifts waiting to be unfolded,