Do you know your “Diamond of Brilliance”?

{At the end of this post, I’m going to share about a new webinar I’m hosting (for free) if you’d like to sign up.  It’s about Discovering your Diamond of Brilliance…if you are short on time, but interested, take a moment to learn more now by clicking here.}

When my husband and I began to talk about trying for our second child, I was surprised by some of the questions that came up within me.  We knew we wanted another child but, man, how in the world were we going to do it with two? 

In the deepest parts I wondered not so much if I could love another child, but perhaps if I could love another child with the intensity of love I felt for Jackson…or if the love I had for another child would in some way diminish how loved Jackson would feel by me.

I wondered how I could split myself between mothering two children.  And yet, even with the questions, I still knew the answer was yes, I wanted another.

Sometimes along this entrepreneurial journey, I’m fascinated by how similar the path of mothering and business is in certain ways- especially because my business is so heart-centered and passion-full for me.

I am still incredibly committed to WellGrounded Life and it’s focus on helping moms grow into their fullest and brightest selves, equipping them to feel calm, healthy, strong, radiant as they live and mother.  My passion for loving up mamas and supporting them along their journey is still as strong as ever.

And yet, I’ve found this pull, this tap on the shoulder, this inner nudge continue to come back over and over again around supporting moms who are interested in beginning their own heart-centered businesses or who have already started them but want to grow them in a way that feels deeply in harmony with who they are and the deepest priorities of their lives.

It is like WellGrounded Life wants to have another baby, WellGrounded Business.

Over a year ago I began to notice that practically all my private coaching clients were coming to me for business coaching because they knew they wanted not only to grow their businesses but keep their own well being intact and not sacrifice their family priorities.

They wanted business coaching from a very specific perspective on what true prosperity looked like. 

Over the past 3 years I’ve learned a whole lot about how to navigate those waters – and it isn’t the typical business advice that is doled out over and over again.  I really began to feel that I had something valuable and unique to offer.

All of this to say, it is time for me to dip my toe into the waters that have been lapping up to my feet for over a year now and finally put out into the world some business-focused offerings.  I know I need to start small and feel things out for a while, so I’m going to begin to offer monthly business-related webinars and take it from there.  Allow this little seed the space to grow and figure out what it wants to look like in the world.

So this is my invitation for those of you who would like to hear about business (and not only business as in entrepreneurship- but also ideal work positions, exploring your great-work, learning about creative sources of income and carving out your ideal life and work balance).. those kinds of issues and topics.  Like I said, all I know right now is I’ll be doing monthly webinars for a bit, I’m still not exactly sure what the resources will look like.

But if this is speaking to you, I’d love you to sign up for the first webinar Discover Your Diamond of Brilliance this Friday (4/19) by clicking here.  That’s all you have to do.

I’m still a bit tentative in how this will all pan out.  But if the past is any indication of the future, when you say YES to the inner nudges everything in your life gets richer, clearer and more valuable…so here’s to more blessings all around!

Much love and prosperity as we go inward, outward and upward in growth!


p.s.  Here’s the link again to sign up – Click here for Discover Your Diamond Webinar information.


4 responses to “Do you know your “Diamond of Brilliance”?”

  1. Lisa, this is exciting! Love your voice…love your insight…triple-heart love that in the first video I watched, you talked about quantum physics 🙂 I signed up for Friday’s webinar and it’s in my calendar – yay! Best of everything in this new venture…

  2. Kasie Roads Avatar
    Kasie Roads

    Lisa hooray! I was so hoping you would go this direction. I think you have so much to share in this regard and am excited to see where this path takes you. I will be there cheering you along!

  3. Hello Lisa,

    My sister in law would greatly appreciate what you are offering. She is a mom of a 4-year old, and she is thinking of having a second child with my brother Alex. She has started her own business, so she would love your webinars on mothering and business coaching.

  4. Thank you, Lisa! I attended the live webinar and found it very insightful. Thank you for sharing. One thing I would like more info on is how to find your niche of “Who”. I have many whats so I feel a “Who-Centered” business model fits me best. Should our “Who” resemble a past version of ourselves? An audience struggling with something we’ve overcome? Hmmm….?

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