At the heart of this certification program is outstanding training in women’s wellness delivered through the Replenish 365 methodology.

Core Wellness Curriculum and Advanced Wellness Track

45 Teaching Modules The core and advanced wellness modules includes audio lessons (in Mp3 format as well as slide presentation format), video demonstrations, and Lifework PDF packets with notes and resources to explore the 6 Pillars of Well-Being: calm mind, nourished body, restorative rest, joyful movement, authentic connection and aligned living.

Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge Studies in Women’s Wellness You will study women’s wellness through the 6 Pillars of Well-Being by combining multiple perspectives of health and wellness including:

  • biochemistry and functional nutrition,
  • bio-physiology and  hormonal health,
  • limbic calming,
  • integrative mind-body work and neuro-psychology,
  • metabolism and nutrition,
  • energy healing, aromatherapy, and traditional models of healing,
  • lifestyle design emphasizing the body-mood-mind-spirit connection to our whole-person health and well-being,
  • and more…

Science-Based Theory Blended with Practical Applications and Tools Each module of learning blends a conceptual understanding of our health and well-being with practical tools, skills and strategies to best care for, nourish, nurture, and support our highest level of wellness.

♦ Core Wellness Track Modules include:

  • A teaching lesson delivered in video and audio format.
  • A demonstration video teaching a specific skill, strategy or tool related to the primary lesson.
  • A lifework material packet with resources, summary notes and exercises.

♦ Advanced Wellness Track modules include:

  • Audio lesson exploring advanced wellness topics from a deeper, educator-perspective level
  • Full transcripts of notes for reference

Exceptional education focused on the key areas of women’s self-care, well-being and vitality.