When I was in high school I studied Latin. I know, it’s a “dead” language, but I have to admit-that knowledge single handedly made my own language come alive like nothing else.

Like conspiracy. The root of that word means “to breath together”- to be of such deeply aligned beliefs that you are in a sense taking the same breath.

My grandmother used to say “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are.” The more I learn about the way our brains are wired, the more her simple saying is spot on. We truly are literally becoming like those around us.

It is how our brain is designed to work, particularly the female brain. We want to model the subtle feelings, beliefs, thoughts, actions and expectations of those we come into contact with– and this all happens subconsciously.

When women make huge changes happen in their lives, especially when they’ve had tremendous difficulty in the past meeting their goals…they all have one essential element a part of their success: they’ve found their “conspiracy group.”

Truth is, modern culture does not help you live the vibrant, happy, energized, grounded, self-connected life you want to live.  The messages, social influences, hectic pace and expectations on the modern mom are completely un-aligned with true well being or healthy living. And the more we surround ourselves with the frenzy of modern society the more our dreams of living life the way we truly want to gets harder and harder.

If you want your 2012 to be different than your 2011, you must seek out and connect with a small group of likeminded people who can mirror back to you how you also want to grow and develop.

It is that simple, and that hard. Because for so many of us, we may have wonderful families and great friends…but they aren’t really our “conspiracy group.” They may not think about things the way we do or prioritize living in certain ways. They are not working to spur you to higher and deeper and more alive places. They often are quite happy with where you are- they are used to you that way.

I’ve been feverishly working with my team to roll out some incredible new offerings at WellGrounded Life in 2012. We just nailed down the course calendar for the year and as I looked over it, I saw with such clarity that my 3 core courses, spread throughout the year are poised to take women powerfully through major areas of growth, healing and wellness with a forward momentum that can stay with them through a full 12 months.

So, a package offering simply naturally was born. I’m calling my 3-course bundle the Motherlode Package.  And then the word conspiracy came to me.   And I knew how I wanted to promote this package without a doubt.

While I love private coaching, I have very limited time to devote to private clients. But I also know how incredibly powerful a laser-focused coaching session can be when you are steadily but strongly working through major change over time.

I’ve decided to offer as a bonus gift for enrolling in the Motherlode package a 3-Session Pack of private coaching calls with me ($450) to be used at any time throughout the 2012 year.

If you are interested in learning more about the Motherlode package, you can click here.

But regardless of whether the Motherlode is a good fit for you, I want to encourage you to think about who would be in your conspiracy group and prioritize ways to make connections with those people happen more often and more meaningfully. Perhaps you share your goals with each other and set times to reconnect monthly to encourage each other and share your successes?

And if you don’t know of people that would be part of your ideal conspiracy group- what could you do to try and create these kinds of connections that serve to model and reflect back to you the energy and spirit of where you want to be heading in the world?

It will make all the difference in where you will find yourself a year from now, for sure.

I would love to hear more about your real or dream conspiracy group in the comments. And if you liked this message, please share it!