For years I believed if I didn’t have my new year’s dreams, goals, and action plan all wrapped up in an organized, systematic shiny bow by January 1, I might as well just can the whole idea and settle back into my life as it was.

I bought into the idea that I had to jump head-first into massive change or give up shifting direction at all.

Because, of course, that’s what it takes, right?

I mean real, lasting, true, ‘life-changing’ change doesn’t happen unless you can carve out and commit your total 100% focus and attention on it… right?

But that’s a huge problem if your life no longer allows you to focus everything you’ve got on one specific goal. After I added the title ‘Mom’ to the picture, my decisions around my time and energy felt already decided for me. Making massive change in any area of my own well-being and vitality felt futile and frustrating.

That is, until I began to challenge that “all or nothing” belief I was living under.

By far the hardest part of my journey back to my own health and well-being from an overwhelmed, lethargic, and depressed place was to challenge that belief. The hardest thing was to take a risk and ACT as if that belief wasn’t true, and instead, act as if small, consistent, smart shifts could truly make a difference in how I felt and experienced life.

The truth is, this very method of regaining and restoring my well-being and vitality is the only thing that has ever truly worked in my life and I’ve watched it work in hundreds of other women’s lives as well.

I designed Replenish 365, which is my upcoming full-year extraordinary living mentorship program, to take you exactly where you are and move you forward while you are still living the incredibly full life you live.

I think of it as setting out a stepping stone in front of you, week by week, so you can move one step forward, without having to organize, prepare, sort through, and conjure up the next step for yourself. You get to simply take the next step and the stone is there for you to step onto.

Here’s the thing- I want you to join me for Replenish 365 – I would love for you to circle together with the already incredible group of moms who’ve said yes to a grander, calmer, more alive and joyful experience of their everyday lives.

And if you have a little voice within you that says, “I wonder if this is right for me?”

I want you to be my guest for a very special class I’m offering at no-cost called New Eyes for a New Year.

I share how to understand vibrant living is an inside job that happens everyday but that doesn’t ask you to exhaust your time or your energy in the pursuit of it.

You’ll gain clarity around what the 4 pillars of a solid self-care practice are and how to make them part of the flow of how you live.

I’ll also share about the concept of “anchor practices” to keep us cared for when the inevitable storms of life set in (because they will!)- this, in my opinion, has been the most important thing that has allowed me to float instead of sink in the past few years, hands down. I’ll also demonstrate a specific example of one of my core anchor practices.

This no-cost webinar is my way of giving you a more intimate preview of what it will be like working with me for the full year if you are considering, even a small bit, joining me for Replenish 365.

New Eyes Webinar


{The webinar details will be emailed to everyone who registers & you can listen at your convenience.}