I’m going to tell you shortly about a new free teleclass I’m leading this Friday (9/14) called Clear Up the Hormone Confusion.

And I’ll be sharing…

  • How to cut through the confusion and get a complete and clear picture of all your major hormones systems and how they impact your everyday living (like your metabolism, your cravings, your moods and your productivity among other things!)
  • What you are likely doing that is causing major haywire in the hormone realm (and I know this because I believe 99% of women fall into these traps)
  • What you CAN be doing instead- concrete, practical tips and advice on what you can do right now to start shifting into biochemical harmony and nurture your hormones back toward working FOR you, not against you.

And that all is true and good.

But here’s the most important thing to know – your amazingly complex, elegant, powerful and intricate hormonal body is not meant to be controlled and tidied up and “kept in line”…and that is what we are sold all the time, everywhere.

Promises that we can tidy up our body (and our life) so that it doesn’t go haywire on us, so it behaves, so that it does what it’s told.

We refer to our hormones like they are wild children that need a stern talking to and a white picket fence to cage them. We’ve got it all backward.

Your hormones serve you in the most brilliant way possible. They are your front lines that shift, amplify, diminish, cascade and trigger in RESPONSE to this unpredictable life so you can stay alive and vital.

Resilient, responsive and regenerated is an amazing thing to want your body to be…but it is NOT about getting it to be highly controlled and boxed in like hospital corners. Life isn’t predictable. Life is nuts. And our Designer knows that. So you’ll see that our body is equipped with a system that can roll and rock and find rhythm in the waves.

Because no matter how well nourished and “in balance” your hormones are you are going to have off the chart days and weeks.

And when you *really* get it you’ll see that your cycling hormones are your INVITATION to enter more fully into the rhythms and cadence of a rich and full life.

You follow their design and begin to nourish and nurture your body THROUGH the food you eat as well as hundreds of other ways you can feed and nourish yourself like integrative breath work- mind-body techniques- energy medicine- lifestyle practices-nutritional and herbal supplements-creativity-movement-thoughts.

You begin to proactively participate in your own biochemical well being without being chained down to intense protocols or wellness routines.

But I’m getting soooo ahead of myself, I know.

This note is to invite you to a teleclass I’ll be leading soon called Clear Up the Hormone Confusion and I’d love for you to sign up below.

If you can’t make it live- I understand, I walk the modern mama schedule too- as long as you are signed up, you’ll have access to the replay to listen at your convenience.

I’m hosting this class as a way to give you huge value and insight. It is a jam-packed with lots of excellent content. I see this as a way to show you what working with me more indepth is like.

And I know some of you may be interested in going farther with me in this work, so it will also be a chance for me to share about the upcoming live group run of Harmonize Your Hormones, which is starting October 1 this year as well.

The call will be held live this Friday Sept 14 at 1:00pm EST– I’d love for you to sign up so I can get you all the details! Sign up right here- just enter your name and email below. (I mentioned it was f*ree right?!?)

Much love…and now go enjoy your weekend!!


p.s. Remember if you can’t catch it live, no problem-just be sure to sign up so I can get you the replay information too!