Clear Up the Hormone Confusion

If you’ve been part of the WellGrounded Life community for a short bit or a long while, you know that one of my favorite things is to share value-packed resources designed specifically for busy moms. Today, I want to invite you to my upcoming no-cost webinar, Clear Up the Hormone Confusion. 

I’m hosting it this Thurs, Sept 26 at 1 pm EST (and as always, the replay will be available if you can’t join live.)

During this webinar, I’ll be sharing …

  • How to cut through the confusion to get a complete and clear picture of all the major hormonal systems and how they interact with each other.
  • How your hormones impact your everyday living (like your metabolism, your cravings, your moods and your productivity among other things).
  • What you are likely doing that is causing major haywire in the hormone realm (and I know this because I believe 99% of women fall into these traps).
  • What you CAN be doing instead – concrete, practical tips and advice on what you can do right now to start shifting into biochemical harmony and nurture your hormones back toward working FOR you, not against you.

This note is to invite you to this webinar, Clear Up the Hormone Confusion, and I’d love for you to sign up.  If you can’t make it live, I understand – I walk the modern mama schedule, too.  As long as you are signed up, you’ll have access to the replay to listen at your convenience.

I’m hosting this class as a way to give you huge value and insight.  It is jam-packed with lots of excellent content.  I see this as a way to show you what working with me more indepth is like.

The webinar will be held this Thurs, Sept 26 at 1:00 pm EST – I’d love for you to reserve your seat so I can get you all the details!  Click here and get on the class list.  (I mentioned it was f*ree right?!?)

Much love …
~ Lisa

P.S.  Remember … if you can’t catch it live, no problem- just be sure to sign up so I can get you the replay information, too.



2 responses to “Clear Up the Hormone Confusion”

  1. […] Lisa is running a Clear Up the Hormone Confusion free webinar tomorrow, Sept. 26. I’m planning to listen in. You can learn more here. […]

  2. I listened to the replay and wow, great stuff. And it might even be strange for me to say this, but maybe what I admired most was how soothing your voice was when presenting the information (and even more so when dealing with the kiddo interruptions). Wow.

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