There are a lot of gimmicky promises about quick weight loss gains from cleansing and detox programs out there.  It feels like every women’s magazine has multiple glossy ads advocating a simple pill, supplement or bottled juice cleanse touting hard to believe before and after pics of women as testimonials.

I can understand why it is hard to buy into cleansing from that perspective.  It feels disingenuous and quite frankly like a smoke and mirrors gimmick.

But the truth is there is a true connection between entering a healthy whole-food cleanse and repairing your body’s natural pathway for energy, metabolism and detoxification.  And there is a legitimate and honest connection between the excess toxins your body holds onto and the reality of hard to lose weight.  

I’ve created this video to help begin to explore these connections.

One of the things I’m passionate about is teaching women how to understand the working of their bodies so they can make smart decisions about how to best care for themselves.

In this video I share that the crux of the issue around energy, toxins, cleansing and hard to lose weight- is understanding your energy pathway.


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