Let’s be honest…

Somewhere along the way, the idea of cleansing took on an almost militant tone.

Most women feel immediate dread when they think of cleansing because they assume it’s an all-or-nothing, go-big-or-go-home deal.

And, by the time you want to “cleanse your life” – you’re likely so weighted down with exhaustion, heaviness, clutter and overwhelm– you just have no idea where to start.

But that’s the biggest problem of all.

The process of cleansing, detoxification and renewal is not a “one time thing.”

You aren’t supposed to experience the lightness and rush of cleansing once-a-year when the calendar tells us it’s spring.

What if you could feel….

More energy and vitality in your body?

More lightness in your moods?

More peace in your mind?

More rhythm and order in your home?


…all throughout the year?

What if you began learning how to make cleansing, detoxification, flow and order…part of how you cared for your body, mind and home — everyday?

That’s what Cleanse Your Life shows you how to do – step by step! 

I created Cleanse Your Life when I realized so many women and moms are struggling with fatigue, heaviness, clutter and overwhelm in their bodies, minds and homes.

We wait until we’re extremely distressed — in our bodies, moods, minds, or homes — and then we plunge into an “extreme” remedy — trying radically overhaul our lives.

But it never works- and only leaves us feeling frustrated and more overwhelmed.

I’ve taught women for over a decade principles of self care, well-being and vitality- and I knew what was keeping them stuck was that they were approaching the whole idea of cleansing wrong.

Cleanse Your Life works because it works WITH your design.

Cleansing is something your body needs every single day.

Cleansing and detoxification are critical elements in the way you care for and manage your well-being, your self-care, and your home.

You don’t need to put your life on hold in order to feel the benefits of cleansing.

When you learn ways to incorporate healthy cleansing, detox, and renewal into your everyday life, you get to experience the energy, vitality, and peace that comes with that in an ongoing way.

In fact, on a cellular level, cleansing and nourishing work together to naturally repair, renew and restore your body every single day.

Learning foods, tools and practices that cleanse and nourish your body, mind and home on a regular basis makes way for your life to naturally flourish and thrive. 

Cleanse Your Life library of materials is organized around 6 key areas and guides you – step by step – through a process to bring more spaciousness, soothing, detoxifying and flow to your body, self care practice and home.

Part 1: The Whole Foods Cleanse

You’ll learn how to:

*Shift your nutrition seasonally – know which foods support your body in every season – Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

*Create healthy, do-able and effective short term whole-foods cleanses – and be able to use this simple, targeted cleanses all throughout the year to replenish and restore your body

*Jumpstart healthy eating habits without going into restriction – especially after stretches of indulgence or “bad eating” ruts

*Learn how to bring in foods that nourish and cleanse your body into your diet year-round

Part 2: Self Care Cleanse

You’ll learn how to:

*Bring in cleansing tools that work to tonify your skin, nervous system and detox organs

*Nurture and strengthen your central detoxification pathways through self care practices you can use everyday

*Learn effective tools to calm and restore your adrenals – an essential element of how toxicity is created and stored in women’s bodies.

Part 3: Personal Care Product Cleanse

You’ll learn how to:

*Re-stock your personal care products and cleaning products for a cleaner, healthier way of living for yourself and your family

*Take a realistic, systematic approach so you have an organized and prioritized plan of action to follow

Part 4: Kitchen and Pantry Cleanse

You’ll learn how to:

*Streamline and organize your kitchen with the tools, order and flow you need to support a healthy lifestyle

*Stock a pantry that will become the foundation for simple, easy-to-prepare healthy meals and snacks for you and your family

Part 5: Whole Home Flow and Function Cleanse

You’ll learn how to:

*Bring flow and function into the living spaces and high-traffic areas

*Use a “hot-spot” perspective to bring spaciousness and functionality to your home

Part 6: Putting It All Together

You’ll learn how to:

*Break free of the ping-pong pattern of exhaustion, overwhelm and stagnation with a long-term perspective on how to make these changes represent an ongoing new way of caring for yourself and your home

*Make cleansing a sustainable presence in your life so you can benefit all year long

Cleanse Your Life was encouraging, helpful and positive!

This course has helped set me in forward motion to take care of myself.

My home is organized, welcoming and functional; my kitchen is much easier to work in; my health is so much better.

This course was just what I needed to kick-start many changes in my life.

Every woman should go through this course.

This is something you do for yourself that has a huge impact on your entire family.

This course changed the way I think about food.

I’ve often felt overwhelmed by the amount of information available about nutrition, wellbeing and healthy foods.

As a busy mother, still nursing a baby, working out what foods were best to nourish myself became a complex task that usually fell to the wayside —

Until I started to listen to Lisa’s holistic and simple explanation of foods that calm us and those that hinder us and contribute to our stress.

It’s impacted not just my energy levels and wellbeing, but also how I interact with my family especially during points of the day where I might usually reach for a stress-inducing snack.

I did it!

I did a cleanse successfully, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought and my family didn’t mind and it changed my relationship with food in a significant way.

And, though this was expressly NOT a goal of mine, my weight is trending downward for the first time in a long time.

Eye opening and refreshing!

It is like a booster rocket placed on your back to finally get you going and launch some new good habits into your life.

This was my favorite cleanse and I’ve done countless cleanses!

SO much valuable information.

It’s obvious you’re passionate about women’s wellness and you made an effort to connect with all of us doing the cleanse which was nice.

Loved it–highly recommend it anyone needing to nurture and reboot.


The only way healthy change lasts is if it works in the (actual) life you are living.

Cleansing can become a way to care for your body and life.

Begin where you are and allow a simple, enjoyable process move you into a lighter, healthier place of living.

Ready to feel lighter, calmer, and more uplifted?

Cleanse Your Life Workshop

A Library of Resource-Packed, Step-by-Step Guides for Whole Life/ Whole Food Cleanses

~6 Audio Classes

~6 Lifework Materials Packets

*Go at your own pace (all materials available immediately upon purchase)

*Download all materials to store, save and return to over and over again

*Each module includes audio class and beautifully formatted lifework material packet

BONUS: Sample Whole-Foods Cleanse Meal Plans

BONUS: Whole Foods Cleansing Cookbook

The LIVE run of Cleanse Your Life will happen April 12 – May 7

~4 Live Calls with Lisa, weekly every Monday afternoon at 12:30pm EST

~Week 1: Reconnect as the Foundation of Cleansing Work

~Week 2: Prepare to Replenish and Choose the Right Cleansing Plan for You

~Week 3: Replenish and Cleanse – Do the Whole Foods Cleanse Together

~Week 4: Radiate – Identify What Wants to Grow and Expand In Your Life

~ Members-Only Facebook Group for those who want support and inspiration throughout the program and to connect to other participants

Cost: $197


During checkout you can choose to have the Spiral Bound Coursebook sent to your home!

Got questions?

Here are a few things I’ve been asked about Cleanse Your Life…and my responses! If you’ve got more questions- don’t hesitate to email my team at:

Yes.  In fact this whole program is designed for moms who are still caring for their family and making the family meals while they are cleansing.  The very best way to be successful on a cleanse is to plan ahead.  You’ll learn how to put an organized and thorough plan in place so you can reserve 1-2 hours of preparing the day before you begin.  In this way, all of your meals will be taken care of or can be quickly assembled.

This is one of the big takeaways from the course: how simple, straightforward meals are the key to making family meal planning smooth as well.  When you begin to bring simple meals into the rotation ~ not only for you, but for the whole family ~you are spending less time in the kitchen and eating high quality, healthy meals!

Your body has incredible detoxification mechanisms and systems already build into it, absolutely.  AND our modern lifestyle still completely over burdens it with non-stop assaults of toxins, pollutants, chemicals, additives, preservatives, prescriptions, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm ~ not to mention what emotional, mental and physical clutter does to our well being.


I don’t know of many women, let alone busy moms, who wouldn’t greatly benefit from a periodic cleanse to support, nourish and rehabilitate their detoxification systems.
In a nutshell: all you need is internet access.  There are 6 modules which each include a workbook (which you can view online or download to your computer) and a teleseminar (which is an online class that you listen via your computer, or you can download the audio to your computer or mp3 device).  Some modules also include a bonus video and/or guest interview~ again, these can be accessed via your computer.  If you need any assistance with how to download or access materials, let us know!  We’re here to support you.

You don’t have to take it all on.  I know the course covers a lot of angles of cleansing and detox.   After listening to the six recordings (each is about 30 min long), YOU get to decide what you want to delve into and what you want to table for now.

In particular, for some of the areas we explore, you may simply want to do your own inventory.  Do your own life assessment to see where you are in the big picture of keeping your body, life and home supporting your healthiest self.  Then you can take a baby step when you are ready ~ shift one thing here, one thing there.   It does NOT have to be done in one huge fell swoop.


I specifically designed this program so that you can take from it what is most pressing for you right now.  You will have all the information and a plan in place for when you are ready to take steps in the other areas as well.
A resounding yes!

Just like you, I don’t think I would have been able to access the breadth of amazing supports and learning experiences I have in the last decade of being a mother without the accessibility and flexibility of virtual learning courses.

That being said, I also need hard copies of materials to make it really work for me as well.

Knowing that was the same for other women- I put together all the lifework materials from this workshop into a (beautifuly formatted- if I say so myself 🙂 ) spiral bound coursebook available as an “upgrade” option during checkout.

The cost of the workbook ($45) includes shipping and handling – and we’ll get your order processed immediately upon enrollment.

I know signing up for an online workshop can feel risky- and I want to do everything I can to help you jump in and experience the incredible benefits of the materials and transformation process in Cleanse Your Life!

So I’ll make this risk-free for you! 

Within 14 days of your purchase of the Cleanse Your Life workshop — if you don’t feel I’ve over-delivered an incredibly streamlined, smart, organized and effective program– you can request a refund and my team will courteously and promptly return your investment.

Easy peasy.

If you’ve received the Spiral Bound Coursebook – you’ll need to return it within 14 Days in unused, mint condition- and upon receipt we will refund your enrollment fee less shipping.

There are so many benefits waiting on the other side of your YES – I hope the money back guarantee takes away all barriers and allows you to dive in! 

You don’t have to suffer to feel good again…

No one has time for a rigid, difficult to follow, hard-core regimen in order to feel more energy, vitality and spacious alignment in their lives.

Cleansing should not weigh you down.

If you want to experience positive change that brings more energy and vitality- you need to feel enthusiastic and encouraged by what you are doing. 

Cleanse Your Life works through the gunk that keeps your systems clogged, your mind sluggish, and your home messy.

It focuses on detoxifying and cleansing your body, your self care products, your environment, your kitchen, your pantry, and your home hot spots.

When it comes to self-care there are so many areas we are told we need to focus on.

But before you can effectively bring more in, it’s crucial we aren’t just adding to an already overstuffed, stagnant, cluttered “plate.”

Cleansing gives you a readiness and openness in your body, mind, and home for momentum to really build.

And from that place, moving deeper into the care of your body and mind…and the well-running of your home … becomes smooth and effortless.

The order counts.

Cleansing is a perfect place to begin.

And Cleanse Your Life take you through a powerful and streamlined process to integrate cleansing into your whole-person well-being.

Sounds like what you’ve been looking for?

Let’s begin!

Cleanse Your Life Workshop

6 Audio Classes

6 Lifework Materials Packets

*Go at your own pace (all materials available immediately upon purchase)

*Download all materials to store, save and return to over and over again

*Each module includes audio class and beautifully formatted lifework material packet

BONUS: Sample Whole-Foods Cleanse Meal Plans

BONUS: Whole Foods Cleansing Cookbook

Cost: $197


During checkout you can choose to have the Spiral Bound Coursebook sent to your home!