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Somehow it’s the last day of February already … which means this is also the last day of our Share the Love Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far.  I’ve loved reading your comments and appreciate your enthusiasm!  There’s one more chance to win …

Wednesday, Feb 29 Giveaway

Cleanse Your Life

Here in the U.S. we’re starting to feel the stirrings of Spring which can often inspire new energy for spring cleaning.  At WellGrounded Life, we’re also turning our attention to a time of cleansing.

I’ll be running the 2012 LIVE group course of Cleanse Your Life starting on April 30 {more on that coming soon!}  I’m thrilled to be able to gift one registration for this live-run as our last Share the Love giveaway!  {$275 Value} 

Have you ever considered doing a cleanse?  Do you already cleanse on a regular basis?  Have you ever thought about doing a whole-life cleanse?  You can read more about the Cleanse Your Life course here.  I’d love to have you join us!

Giveaway Closed!

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I’ll randomly choose the winner on Tuesday, March 6 at Noon (EST) from the comments.

The stronger our collective grows, the stronger each of us grows.  {You know I’m all about conspiracy groups!} wink

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116 responses to “Share the Love Giveaway!”

  1. I’ve taken this course from Lisa, and it is terrific!

  2. I have been so keen to do a physical cleanse for the longest time, but I was nursing my daughter too much to be able to do a full on cleanse. I am also a huge fan of spring cleaning in so many ways. I would be absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to win this give away!

  3. Lesley Small Avatar
    Lesley Small

    I would love to be able to participate. Everything I have read on your site seems so common sense, I just need help to get over the emotional battles with food!

  4. I think I’ve only ever done parasite cleanses….
    What would I hope to gain? Energy, renewed inspiration, a start on better habits.

  5. My husband and I tried juicing for 10 days last August and I did notice a difference, but that is the closest I’ve ever come to trying a cleanse. I would like to try something though because the brain fog is a serious inconvenience!

  6. I’ve been reading lots lately about cleanses and considering one. I love your whole life approach, so I know this one would be much better than any of the others I’ve read about. I need to break free from sugar… again. I would love to have more energy and focus. Thanks for the chance!

  7. I have never done a cleanse before, but am very interested. Would love to try this!

  8. Krista lawlor Avatar
    Krista lawlor

    While I’ve wanted to try a cleanse for years , I’ve never actually taken the plunge before…here’s a chance to jump in, in an ongoing effort to better care for myself, replenish and renew!
    Happy spring!

  9. I’ve never tried a cleanse, but am feeling the need for renewal and a fresh slate on so many levels. I would love to try this as a way of promoting self-care which, in turn, would better me to fulfill roles as mom, homemaker, homeschooler, etc.

  10. PS I already like on FB! 🙂

  11. I’ve never done a cleanse yet, but have been interested in trying one. I’d love to do it in spring time and with Lisa, so I’d be delighted to win this course. I’d hope to gain more physical energy, motivation for consistent healthy eating and mental clarity.

  12. I have never done a cleanse before but would like to try :}
    Right now I am facing some joint issues and this sounds like it might help!

  13. I would love to take this course. I battled candida on my upper lip last year with an extreme diet, probiotics and other supplements. Just this morning I found a spot on my lip that looks like it may be returning. I know that stress is a big trigger for this for me. I am guessing this course would be a good match for me.

  14. I have done the whole foods cleanse you recommended and loved t. I would like to go to the next level. I’m ready!

  15. I’ve tried a food cleanse before, but couldn’t stick with it. Would love to try a cleanse that reaches al aspects of my life!

  16. I would love to cleanse and renew myself. I have thought about it for a few years now, however I just need that extra push and guidance on how to do it. Love your site.

  17. I have never done a cleanse, mostly worried to do it while pregnant and nursing, but after 5+ years of children owning my body I am ready to get it back.

  18. I have never done a cleanse, but I have been feeling ready for a major change in my life. Some significant shifts have occurred and I think it’s time for a reboot!

  19. I haven’t done a cleanse before. I hardly ever put myself first in my family and I think it is time to start doing that. I can tell the routine of life is getting to me, low energy, low motivation. I need a change!

  20. Leslie Begin Avatar
    Leslie Begin

    I have always wanted to do a cleanse but never have. Probably because I don’t know enough!

  21. My husband and I just did a green juice cleanse, which was amazing. I wrote about it here: I do see now, though, that it is time to go “deeper,” so to speak, beyond our physical health — because we can’t keep up clean physical health if all of the other “systems” of our life are cluttered! Already seeing us “slipping” back, and don’t want to. I would so love to win this and participate; thanks for the opportunity, Lisa!!

  22. I have done a cleanse before, but never a whole life cleanse. I would love to be able to cleanse my home and get rid of some of the chaos that weighs me down!

  23. This sounds intriguing, I don’t think I have ever done a cleanse before, but because i eat a lot of sugar I have heard it would be a breath of fresh air for my body. I confess the idea kinda terrifies me.

  24. I would love to do a cleanse! I have tried a couple in the past, but they have been extreme and I always drop out soon after I start.

  25. I have never done a cleanse before. It has intimidated me and I’ve thought that I would always be hungry! But, I know that it would be good for my body so I would love to learn how to do it right!

  26. I’ve never done a cleanse, but am learning more about it. The idea of a whole life cleanse is appealing to learn to live more simply.
    Thanks for the giveaway…testing my luck again. 🙂

  27. I’ve always wanted to do a cleanse and have started them but never had the motivation to fully complete one and thus see the amazing results. I feel if I went through a cleanse with others to encourage and motivate me I might actually finish one!

  28. Never before, but I am feeling ready for spring and ready for some change this year. Thanks for sharing so much LOVE.

  29. While I’ve made many healthy lifestyle changes over the past several years, I’ve never done a cleanse, and would be thrilled to have a chance to do one with you, Lisa! Right now, I am getting to the bottom of IBS symptoms and searching for possible food allergies and gut imbalances, so I’m sure a whole life cleanse would help my digestive system to heal.

  30. I already like WellGrounded on FB!

  31. I’ve never done a cleanse before, but would love to try! I love the idea of simplifying and cleaning my whole life.

  32. fabulous!

  33. I’ve actually done the Cleanse Your Life course and have been wanting to go through it again and do another cleanse…it’s long over due!

    1. Avatar

      Krissa – As a graduate of Cleanse Your Life, you have lifetime access to the materials. You’re also welcome to sign up for the course again (at no cost). We’ll send all the details closer to registration time. We’d love to have you join us again! 🙂

  34. I like you on FB.

  35. I have never done a cleanse but would love to go through this course.

  36. Wow…this has been on my mind lately. I have never done a thorough cleanse. I would love to try this. Thanks, Lisa!

  37. I’ve thought about doing a cleanse, but have never actually done it. One of my hopes about doing a cleanse is that it would help minimize sugar cravings.

  38. I’ve “liked” Well Grounded Life on Facebook before.

  39. As a mom of four, I have bcome that cliche mother I never thought I would be, by putting myself last! With the baby 9 mo old & an accumulation of 60 extra lbs after all four, I am at the point of desperation! I have always been a very active person but have let that go. I need to reclaim my health. For me and my family. For the first time ever I was looking into a cleanse just.this week when I saw your post! I would love to have clear guidance on how to restart my system towards health.

  40. SInce having had breast cancer (one year ago) I try to be more mindful about what I eat and fasting occasionally, but I am convinced that sugar is an addiction for me. I can do well with whole foods and then eat one little cookie and it takes me days or weeks to get off the cycle of defeat! Would love to move forward in this area.

  41. I’d loved to cleanse. I’ve tried before but didn’t stick with it.

  42. I did a modified cleanse about 2 yrs ago for 3 days. I would love to do one with proper guidance and teaching!

  43. I did a 28-day cleanse last year that wasn’t a great fit. I still believe in the idea of whole food cleansing, though, now that I have learned a little more! 🙂

  44. I liked you on FB!

  45. I have liked your Facebook page for a while now.. I have done a cleanse from sugar and yeast once.. It was incredible how much it really does affect how you feel. I loved the M.A.P.P gathering and am sad it’s not a normal part if my routine anymore.. I’m a big fan of yours Lisa.. I found your website by accident one day and have shared it since.. Thanks for showing how connected we all really are xo

  46. I have never officially done a cleanse. Just my own “made-up” versions. I would love to try something structured.

  47. I have never done a cleanse, but would love to as I’m sure it’s something I could really use. thank you for the chance to win.

  48. I ‘like’ you on FB: marla y.

  49. I have done a cleanse once a few years ago. After three kids, I would like do a clense. I would like to loose A few inches and get the toxins out…

  50. I have never tried a cleanse before, but I’d love some guidance on how to get my life back on track. My husband and I adopted twins about a year ago, adding to our biological daughter, and I am needing to do something so I have energy to keep up with everyone! I also have weight that I’ve not been able to lose since having my daughter over 6 years ago. I keep using the excuse that I’m just too tired, you know? But I need to do something so that I’m not tired. I’ve realized I need to care for myself, so that I can care for my family well. Thanks for your website!

  51. to loose weight and toxic buildup

  52. I haven’t, but I would hope to gain the confidence and information to do so in a healthy and effective way!

  53. I have done a cleanse before but only for 10 days. It would be great to cleanse everything in my life. I like you on FB

  54. I would love to take this step to a healthier living style so I can be more energetic and able to take care of my family better. I would like to join a program, but currently don’t have the funds for that so this opportunity is great!

  55. Heidi Bennett Avatar
    Heidi Bennett

    I’ve never done a cleanse, but I am in a serious slump and could use some guidance to get out of it. I’m working on all the areas outlined for this class, and I’m making some progress but it feels like slow, heavy steps. I could use a jolt in the right direction.

  56. I’ve never tried a cleanse before but think it could be a way to get started on kicking my sugar habit!

  57. I have been considering a cleanse but have not done one yet. I have been drinking green smoothies almost daily – spinach or kale, berries, and other fruit.

  58. First time here, but I plan on sticking around.

  59. I haven’t done a cleanse before, but I’m really ready to give it a try now! I hope I win! Thanks for the chance.

  60. I already like you on FB! 🙂

  61. I’ve done a yeast cleanse and have never felt better in my life!

  62. I’ve done a brief 3-day cleanse. And after looking at the course, I realize that I’ve had cleansing periods in my life, but nothing so thorough as what this course is designed to do. I’d love to be a part of it.

  63. This would be a wonderful opportunity. I tried a cleanse once but I wasn’t happy with the way it was structured. And I would love to apply the principle to my entire life. Crossing my fingers!!

  64. I have never done a cleanse before, but I would love to do one!

  65. I already like you on Facebook.

  66. I need a whole life cleanse! I have done a 10 day cleanse before and it helped with migraines.

  67. I have never done a cleanse but am thinking that it would be a great way to jump start introducing healthy habits into my life!

  68. I love the idea of a “whole life” cleanse! I did a 3 day juice fast in college, but nothing very organized since. I would love to focus on eliminating sugar from my diet and see what changes occur. Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. Oh, and I already “like” you on FB, as well.

  70. I’ve never done a full cleanse – only herbal cleanses. I think it would be great though to feel lighter and less bogged down.

  71. Hope to achieve clarity of purpose with a little bliss sprinkled on top!

  72. This course sounds amazing, Lisa! I’ve been dealing with a ton of stress lately and really need to take more time for myself and do a “whole life” cleanse. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  73. I have never done a cleanse, but have always wanted to. These days I feel heavy loaded down. I would hope a cleanse would help me feel lighter more energized and maybe even help me find my spark again.

  74. I have not done a cleanse before, but it is feeling like the time may be right!

    thanks for all that you do!

  75. This sounds fantastic! I love learning and applying things that enhance my quality of life as well as my families.

  76. chris allred Avatar
    chris allred

    I’ve done the a few different cleanses-But, seem to be in a place that it’s not working for weight reduction any longer although I know it’s good for me.
    I lack the motivation and courage to stick to it. I’d love to get to the place where I can have a direction and way to get there.

  77. I have never done a cleanse but have always wanted to…I could come with excuses as to why I haven’t but I’m not making any more excuses in my life! I am starting a cleanse in the next week but this course would most definitely help me further my knowledge & inspiration on not only cleansing my body but also my life!

  78. I haven’t done a cleanse before but would love to try it!

  79. I have never done a cleanse but really think I could benefit! I suffer from mild fatigue, bloating, etc and I’d think a cleanse might help!

  80. Kirsty Thomson Avatar
    Kirsty Thomson

    I wanna win! This course sounds ‘pure dead brilliant’ (that’s Scottish for awesome!) I haven’t taken part in a ‘Cleanse Your Life’ before but would love the chance to partake. I want to leave and shake off all the things that hinder me from fully living my life to the full. I would so value the help and advice to reach my potential; to help me fully live in each moment and not to be distracted and hurried. Realising the desire to win this is making me covet the prize, which is probably not a good start in cleansing myself of ‘negative thoughts’ so I am heading off now!

  81. Thanks for this opportunity Lisa. I did a 7 day detox 5 years ago, as well as taking wheat out of my diet permanently, and felt 10 years younger. I would love to feel like that all the time…maybe with some guidance, it’s possible. Fingers crossed!

  82. I have never done a cleanse. I have been having some issues and the more I research the more I think my body couldn’t benefit from it.

    1. Should be could benefit not couldn’t. It’s been a long day.

  83. I am following you on Facebook .

  84. I have never done a cleanse but have often considered it. I’ve researched it and after feeling overwhelmed by the different opinions, types of cleanses, etc. I realize the commonality was the benefits of detoxing your body. That would be one of my goals. The other? Performance. As a runner and avid strength trainer I would love to improve performance and optimal health putting it all together.

    Sorry to ramble. I’ve thought a lot about this lately.

  85. I like you on FB 🙂

  86. Tricia Avatar

    I’ve been wanting to try one for a long time, but I just haven’t really known how or where to start. 🙂

  87. Liked on FB!

  88. I’ve never done a cleanse – I’d hope to gain energy and hopefulness from one.

  89. Rachel Avatar

    a cleanse would be just what I need right now – i’ve been so sluggish and stressed out lately, this may be just the ticket to get myself on track. I would love to be a part of this class!

  90. Rachel Avatar

    Oh, and I also like you on facebook!

  91. Jaclyn Ley Avatar
    Jaclyn Ley

    I am so busy all of the time. I have thought about doing a cleanse many times, but them I remember that I also have to take care of my husband and my son. It suddenly seems overwhelming and I put it back on the “some day list.” I’m working on making my some days now, but I know it won’t happen over night. I work with moms in a perinatal depression prevention program and I know I need to take care of myself as well, but I am just too busy. I think it is just an excuse, but I still haven’t managed to make it go away.

  92. Kristi Avatar

    I have never done a cleanse before. Your course looks amazing and I would be honored to be a part of it. I love how you address the body, the home, toxins and ohhh so much more. Beautiful. I work full-time as a social worker and have 2 boys (age 10 & 12) and feel so depleted most of the time. Actually, not a day goes by when a co-worker doesn’t stop and tell me how tired I look. I’m ready to let go of all that I don’t need and to invite in health and vibrancy. And to look and feel wide awake! 🙂

  93. I did a week-long juice fast a few years ago and I felt totally rejuvinated at the end of it. My next juice fast is LOOOOONG overdue – access to this course would be a great motivator.

  94. Rhonda35 Avatar

    I’ve always wanted to try a cleanse, but am also always so busy I don’t have time to research the best way to go about it. I would love to participate in your program.

    I already like you on FB.

  95. Christie Avatar

    I’ve never done a cleanse before. I’d like to be free of some stomach aches.

  96. Julie Anderson Avatar
    Julie Anderson

    I probably first heard about a cleanse when I was pregnant with my first and getting into learning about healthier living. Since then, I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding for the past 4 years! I’m about to wean my almost 2-year old this spring, so this seems like a great time to give this a try! I feel like I’ve started some personal “spring cleaning” with my Lenten practices, and I’d love to continue some personal discipline and cleaning after Easter as well!

  97. Julie Anderson Avatar
    Julie Anderson

    Just liked you on FB. We weren’t “friends” yet…glad we are now!

  98. Mariah Avatar

    I have done The Remedy cleanse and it was GREAT!!!!! Once I pickup my juicer tomorrow I will be planning my next BluePrint cleanse!

    I am really looking forward to learning more about this cleanse.

  99. I would love to participate in this course. As a busy full-time working mom with ten kids, I rarely take the time to do anything for myself. This program sounds like exactly what I need.

  100. Shelbys Avatar

    I’ve never done a cleanse but I have always wanted to.

  101. Shelbys Avatar

    I also like you on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity!

  102. Never done a cleanse before and frankly don’t know what it involves exactly 🙂
    Thank you for the chance…

  103. I have just started trying to clean some things out in my life. I am purging, but have not done a cleanse yet. Been reading a little on Ayurveda…suggest a spring cleanse. Great timing! I would love to do one this spring. Love your information and your site.

  104. I like well grounded life on facebook 🙂

  105. I once did a cleanse for two days that made me feel quite weak and undernourished. I’d like to cleanse in a way that still nourishes me.

  106. Suzanna Avatar

    I have never done a cleanse before but would like to try after reading about some of the information on A Well Grounded Life’s site. I have always heard about them, but never knew what they really entailed. Having more energy as a result is very appealling! Thanks for the giveaway!

  107. I have never done a cleanse before, and imagine that it could really benefit me by giving me more energy & breaking some bad habits. After reading your description of the class, I can see how valuable it would be to all aspects of my life. What a way to welcome spring!

  108. I used to do the Burroughs’ “Master Cleanse” pretty religiously once a year as I believed it was beneficial to my health and spirit. And then I got honest with myself about the reason I was doing it – to lose weight as fast as possible because I felt less than. Now, as tempting as it is to let go of a little extra weight that quickly, I just don’t care to put my body through that kind of stress and punishment. DFW has allowed me to shift my perspective with this! I would love to give my *whole* self a whole foods cleanse and enjoy watching all the benefits unfold!

  109. I have done my own personal cleanse but only focused on food…I believe a cleanse mentally, physically and spiritually is in order!! 🙂 xoxo

  110. Kristin Avatar

    I haven’t done a cleanse. I think winning a place in this course would be a great opportunity to do so!

  111. I would love to try a cleanse! Thanks for all your great articles!

  112. I’ve done two 3 day juice cleanses’! They are tough during it but I feel great afterwards! I also recently completed a 28 day vegan no oil experience that was enlightening. I know the course is about cleansing all aspects of your life, which I think would be amazing. I’ve tried cleansing the clutter in my house using Tsh’s book on your suggestion, but it’s so tough for me! Maybe I also need clarity elsewhere?

  113. Susanne Avatar

    I just liked WellgroundedLife on FB

  114. melanie Avatar

    I would love to be able to participate. I did a cleanse after very pregnancy / after weaning my babies (at 13 months) and I really need to do one now , because , unfortunately, I had to take strong anitibiotics.

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