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5 Ways to Keep Moving This Winter

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5 Ways to Keep Moving This Winter I've come to replace the word "exercise" with "movement."  The word "exercise" can often conjure up a very visceral feeling -- and for some of us, that feeling is akin to dread. But even if we have a happier relationship with "movement," getting consistent activity in during the [...]

8 ways to care for yourself, even in the middle of your 2-year-old’s tantrum…

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8 ways to care for yourself, even in the middle of your 2-year-old's tantrum... What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “self-care?” Most of us conjure images of bubble baths and day spas. Manicures or long walks in nature. We don’t often think of self-care as something that happens [...]

Guest Expert: The 10 Minute- No Excuses Workout for Busy Moms

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This post and video are from guest expert, Nichole Kellerman (www.nicholekellerman.com).Being a personal trainer and a health & lifestyle coach, most of the women I work with are busy mommas, and they always come at me with the same excuse.“I Don’t Have Time For Myself!”Here is what I have to say: You DO have time, [...]

Ever wish you had a calm button? You do. Here’s how to access it…

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Ever wish you had a calm button?  You do.  Here's how to access it... Want to learn about a secret "calm" button that chills you out, on the spot? Video transcript: Today, I want to talk with you about essential oils. They are very lightweight, so they easily distribute into the air. We breathe them [...]

What kind of a Super-Mom are you?

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What kind of a Super-Mom are you? We all know how futile trying to be a super-mom is, but in my experience, it takes a huge amount of honesty, courage, and at times, painful decision-making to break free of the tendency to fall into that familiar pattern. I came to see a distinction between my own [...]

5 Ways to Tell if Your Emotional Health is in Danger

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5 Ways to Tell if Your Emotional Health is in Danger Even when the whole world feels gray and cold, and all we can see is the brown, lifeless earth peeking through the snow -- we still know spring is coming soon. Soon the ground will be lush and robust and bright green, though it [...]

3 Minute Energy Boosting Breath and Posture Exercise You Can Do Right Now

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I have such a special treat for you today. Amber Zuckswert of Epic Self is with me in this video walking us through a 3 minute energy boosting breath and posture aligning exercise which is incredible. I was doing it along with her through the interview and I actually felt surges of energy-- no joke.  [...]

Why Change Toward the Better Feels Like an Uphill Battle

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Ever wonder why real, lasting change in your life-- whether it is with healthy living, your relationships or how you parent...feels so tiring and hard?Why change toward something better feels like an uphill battle?Join me for this no-cost game-changing webinar to expose the major mistakes we make that keep us in cycles of straining for [...]

5 Lessons Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Healthy Living

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5 Lessons Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Healthy Living Many of you may be familiar with Dave Ramsey. I'm a fan of his work, and I've found that his underlying financial perspectives are true for other areas of your life -- most specifically -- getting out of poor health and into a rich life of sustainable, [...]

A {simple} childhood memory that still shapes me today

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I actually don’t remember much of my childhood.  I have bits and pieces of memories strewn throughout my younger years, but most aren’t sharp or full of rich detail.And since I don’t have a strong memory to begin with, I always think it’s odd when I remember something clearly that is a fairly insignificant event or just sorta random.But this is one of those sharp memories for me.At the church I grew up in there were two sisters who headed the youth group…and whom I adored.  They meant the world to me and were very influential in my childhood.I remember a conversation a small group of us were having with one of the sisters, Phyllis.  Somehow we had gotten on the subject of integrity. And I can recall as clear as crystal her way of explaining it to us (I can actually even see the detail on the wallpaper in the room we were in!).She said simply, […]