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What life is telling you when chaos starts to surface

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We are about a month into my year-long program and something so predictable I could set my clock to it is coming up for the women in the group. I call it the "push back" or resistance that begins when forward movement in our lives begins to take place. Have you ever felt that whenever [...]

The Fastest Way to Get Happy

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What is life like when you are happy?What do you do when you are happy? I mean the simple things.Here's a sample of what my list would look like:Happy people smile. Happy people dance when a good song comes on. Happy people sing. Happy people shine. Happy people giggle more. Happy people stand taller. Happy [...]

This is why it is so hard for you to ask for help…

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I recently hired a woman to help me with basic housekeeping a few times a week. It has been beyond heavenly. But getting to the place where I was willing to ask for and accept that help was not a smooth road. Many mothers have a tremendously hard time asking for help in their lives. [...]

How to bounce back when you’ve blown it

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So... let's say your in a funk.Whether it's one too many backyard BBQs, boxes of girl scout cookies or glasses of find yourself in a stretch of days where your in a downward spiral with unhealthy choices.Recently, a mom asked me to address how to bounce back when you've really "blown it".In this video, [...]

On a Scale from 1-10, How Extraordinary Are You?

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If your connected with me on Facebook (and if not, no time to waste-- let's get that settled right now!) you know I've been slightly obsessed absorbed in Brene Brown's work.  It feels as though I have found a woman who is writing the philosophy behind exactly what I teach in my courses.She has caused [...]

How do you do it all? No, really??

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Tsh over at Simple Mom has been sharing her "behind the curtain" view on how she manages a young family and a growing, successful blog at the same time.I've really enjoyed her posts on the subject.  And found it refreshing to have these questions teased out in the open.I often get emails asking me how [...]

At the Heart of Self Care

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"...understand that to nurture and love others with the grace you desire means taking care of yourself and cultivating your own inner harmony. Inner harmony grows not by finding ways to get away from your child, but by giving yourself the gift of a hot bath at the end of a long day, reading a [...]

Good, Better, Yes and No

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I've been thinking a lot lately about the changes and transformations that happen along the journey of motherhood.  In the 2+ years I've been on this life-long path, I've had to face myself in ways that I never have before.  It's been challenging, frightening, painful, joyful and incredibly rewarding. One of the things I began to [...]

Rekindling Parts Of Yourself

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Last Friday I had my first "girls" night with my 8 month old daughter. Older brother was sleeping over at Nana's and my husband was out with friends for the evening.  It was just the girls.  So we decided to rent a movie.  Being the gracious sweetheart my daughter is, she let me pick.   It has been [...]