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Use the Holiday Emotional Gunk to Fuel Your Own Brilliance

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Use the Holiday Emotional Gunk to Fuel Your Own Brilliance What is it about the holiday stretch that makes relationships so hard?   It feels like this time of the year stirs up a whole lotta gunk emotionally. For many of us, it's our family that starts to really trigger an emotional charge. Regardless of [...]

When it is all too much to bear…

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My heart is still raw in sadness and pain for the tragedy that the families in Newtown are bearing. I need to carve out a place of quiet in my heart so I can let in His light.  But I do know words are powerful and they can heal. So instead of allowing the fear-based [...]

The quickest way to rob your life of happiness

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This won't be a polished article. I have just a few minutes while my husband is hanging with my kids before bedtime and I have something so strong on my heart I have to share it with you. Comparing your life with others will suck all the joy out of it. A few days ago [...]

5 ways God speaks in our life

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I've said before that the secret to self care is knowing your center. The more time we spend connected to our sacred center, the greater the buffer zone we create between the outside noise of the world and interior voice of Truth. So self care and spirituality are inseparable to me.  In fact, when we [...]

Your 5 Life Currencies- Are You Spending Them Well?

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Your 5 Life Currencies- Are You Spending Them Well? When you think of currency most of us immediately think of money, which is certainly one form of currency.   But for right now I want us to broaden this definition and apply it to our lives as a whole. Money is one way that we exchange [...]

6 Simple Ways to Get Out of the Funk

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6 Simple Ways to Get Out of the Funk Sometimes the Fall transition can sneak up on us.  After a few whirlwind weeks of back to school transitions, we land with shorter days, less sun and the cool air coming in. Fall tends to actually be my favorite time of the year, but if I'm [...]

Matthew and my broken heart.

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When I was living in Boston working toward my master's degree, I spent the summer in Tanzania, Africa. We spent one day volunteering at Mother Teresa's orphanage there. Sometime around mid-day when lunch was about to be served, I found myself in the back corner room where there was just a couple children and a [...]

I didn’t see this doorway coming….

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This week so kicked my butt. I've never had a "back to school" week quite like this one. For one, I feel like I am losing my mind with all the things I needed to remember.  It's like having a hundred push pins of information falling out of my hands and no cork board to [...]

3 strategies for being grateful in all circumstances

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3 Strategies For Being Grateful In All Circumstances Sometimes generating a grateful spirit seems like the right thing to do...but feels difficult to actually conjure. Maybe we are just in a funk or hooked into wishing things were different in our lives. And our attempts at feeling genuinely grateful for the good in our lives [...]

My issue with “positive thinking” and “visualizing”…

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My issue with "positive thinking" and "visualizing"... The unsexy truth is that our days are dictated by the habits we have established.  Not only habits of actions and habits of choices...but, perhaps most importantly, habits of thinking and feeling. One of the habits that can be particularly damaging to our desire to live full, happy, [...]