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Have you invested in YOU yet?

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Registration is ending today for the Designed for Wellness course! We are all set to begin the course tomorrow, 1/29. The forums are already buzzing with the energy of women making connections and getting ready to go through the class together-- it's amazing what happens once you say yes. It always starts with an investment [...]

Fantastic Whole Foods Recipe Site

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I've been getting great feedback from moms who have done a real food cleanse from my ebook and are excited about keeping the momentum going and bringing in more vegetable-focused dishes to their weekly meal planning.  I'm working on a resource page with some of my favorite cookbooks and site right now, but wanted to [...]

Cleansing Series To Begin Next Week!

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Mark the calendars!  I've got a great week coming up. Get ready for a five day series (monday through friday, may 17-21) covering all things cleansing. Grab your copy of the Real Food Cleansing eBook for more details on the topics or you can simply join in the discussion through the posts and comments during [...]

Why My Blog Won’t *Really* Help You

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 What would you do differently today if you had a clearer mind, more energy and a lighter body?Are you are a busy mom, who spends a whole lot of your time taking care of others while your own needs are put on the back burner?Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar:Most days the craziness [...]