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Motherhood: How Breastfeeding and Weaning Affect Your Emotions

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Motherhood: How Breastfeeding and Weaning Affect Your Emotions When I think of hormones, I think about the hormonal jungle I had to navigate as I made my way through pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, and weaning. Looking back, what made these experiences all the more challenging was that they didn’t “look or feel” like anything I was [...]

The Dark Side of Toddler Hugs

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Somewhere between the incredible hormonal shifts, the sleepless nights, the new bodies we have post-pregnancy, the intensity of life with kiddos...somewhere along the way, we begin to numb out around our need for physical, sensual, intimate love and care from our husbands. It can feel complicated and scary. It can feel hard to express our [...]

How to Become the Mother Your Child Needs

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Let's set the record straight from the beginning. I am nowhere close to being a parenting expert. In fact, the more hours I log in as a parent, the more I'm convinced parenting experts are a fallacy.  I believe with my whole heart that the world needs a whole lot less parenting experts and a [...]

The rarely talked about essential element for a successful marriage

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Of course every marriage relationship is different, but I've found in my own marriage one critical element, or what I call a "critical commitment", has made a huge difference in our "sticking it out" during the challenging times and coming out stronger, more loving, more deeply understood and more intimate.That is the commitment to the [...]

How do you do it all? No, really??

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Tsh over at Simple Mom has been sharing her "behind the curtain" view on how she manages a young family and a growing, successful blog at the same time.I've really enjoyed her posts on the subject.  And found it refreshing to have these questions teased out in the open.I often get emails asking me how [...]

What kind of a Super-Mom are you?

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What kind of a Super-Mom are you? We all know how futile trying to be a super-mom is, but in my experience, it takes a huge amount of honesty, courage, and at times, painful decision-making to break free of the tendency to fall into that familiar pattern. I came to see a distinction between my own [...]

What a Good Mother Does…

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A good mother... ...serves her child water from bpa free cups ...never lets her child drink from plastic ...goes for the Barney set on sale ...speaks gently and does not interfere much ...keeps a close eye and quickly intervenes ...lashes out in anger and regrets her actions ...lives in the moby ...buckles them up in [...]

Becoming a Mother, Again and Again

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Two weeks ago, I became a mother again.  In the most literal sense for the third time...but in the truest sense it was a spectacular shining moment among thousands of other moments I've had these past three years of becoming a mother. I now know that becoming a mother happens all the time, and will [...]

Marriage Advice from the Big Horn Sheep

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My husband and I were only 3 months married when we became pregnant with our first child.  Still reeling in the bliss of being newlyweds, that excitement and energy quickly flowed into the dreams of starting a new family.  We now have two little ones and just slightly less than 4 years of marriage under [...]

Love Letters to Your Children

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First, my big confession is that, in reality, I am a horrible scrapbooker.  I have such lofty intentions to keep them for my children.  I love the idea of books filled with clippings, pictures, memorabilia, little notes on funny or endearing things they said or did, records of their first smile, word, tooth or step.  [...]