Bridges, Ladders and Lightbulbs for One Another

Bridges, Ladders and Light bulbs, people!

Here’s what I know to be true:

When women begin to open up to new paths and opportunities…fears will come up.

It’s just an undeniable part of the process.

It’s almost as if your inner wise woman knows you will need to shed some baggage to keep moving forward so your “stuff” gets brought to the surface —

And you can either make the choice to process it and gently set it down so you can move forward lighter and stronger…or you can choose to shove it back in where it weighs you down.

One of the things I notice in my own life (as well as so many other women I work with)- is that most always the fears that surface have me imagining a future that I have to walk alone.

But the truth is no one can do this life on their own.

As much as we are all ultimately responsible for our own path’s unfolding and where we take our lives…. we won’t ever get to our next destinations without the help of others.

Very often when a successful woman is interviewed about her story, the conversation focuses on the limitations and trials she had to go through in order to persevere and break through into the life they live now.

The point is – successful people don’t experience LESS fears, limitations, and doubts… it’s that successful people often REACH OUT FOR HELP in order to persevere through the challenges.

Everyone who has ever set out on a new venture or a big dream and who actually comes to see it to fruition has a story not only about the obstacles they needed to overcome…but also of the supports, opportunities and mentors that came along to help them get to where they are now.

No one succeeds alone.

It’s just a simple fact. Listen closely to anyone’s success story and it’s filled with people who became for them bridges, ladders and light bulbs helping them through their difficult and dark places on their way to incredible new heights.

1. Bridges help us get across a difficult or challenging situation to newer, safer, more solid ground ahead.

2. Ladders help us grow to new elevations – giving us the gift of wider horizons, new vantage points and higher perspectives.

3. Light bulbs shine light on dark places that were obscured or hard to see – often allowing us to shift out of old patterns and embrace new ways of thinking and being.

In truth, I believe we are ALL called to be bridges, ladders and light bulbs for each other.


And I want my communities to be the “bridges, ladders and light bulbs” for many hundreds of women every year.

I created Replenish 365 to be a bridge, ladder and light bulb” for women who wanted to reclaim their own well-being and re-establish life giving self care into their everyday lives. 

I created the WellGrounded Institute’s Certification Program to be a “bridge, ladder and lightbulb” for women who want to do wellness work in the world but are feeling a litany of limitations in their way:

~ limitations in time,
~ in their past education,
~ in their ability to create the kinds of materials they would need to succeed,
~ in their confidence,
~ in knowing how to launch a business,
~ in feeling alone on the journey,
~ in wrapping their heads around all the moving parts to make this really work.

No one rises and shines without help, because we all need each other and no one succeeds alone.

I’ve had many open doors, supports, mentors and opportunities along the way that kept me moving forward and helped me along the way. I think this is a huge reason why I am so passionate about support other women in doing this work, too.

In fact, I designed this whole training program based on everything I know now…and what I know would have helped me tremendously along the way had I had access to it.

Women and mothers everywhere are desperate for tangible, powerful ways to regain their inner sense of well-being and vitality.

There is so much room for for this work to be done.

If this program has been calling to you, I encourage you to practice receiving the supports and opportunities that you will need to keep moving your dreams forward.

As women and mothers, we are so used to living from the giving position, that we forget to practice the receiving posture as well.

It’s in the blending of giving and receiving that we can sustain our own vitality and give the most in the end.

All the details are on the enrollment page for the program. As of writing we are filling our Spring/Summer session. Pre-program work begins on June 13 and I’d love you to be with us right from the start.

I’d be honored to join with you this year to support you fully to move your dream forward!

Much love,




vertical_logop.s. As always we are here to help field questions as they surface- a quick reply email is all you need to do- connect with us and let us know your thoughts!

p.p.s. The one other thing I should mention is that the fear bubbles don’t “end” once you’ve reached out for the support you need- which is exactly why I don’t leave you once you say yes and enroll– in fact, I’ll be circling with you as a mentor for the full 11 months training together and we’ll learn how to ride through the fear bubbles together over and over again- until it kinda gets a little fun (dare I even say that!?!?!)


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