Are you un-supportable?

In many ways I have a hard time allowing myself to be supported.  And I’m working hard at changing that because I believe so strongly in our elemental need for community and connection.  In the short-term it can seem as though our lives are functioning well without it- but over time a lack of true relationships diminishes our capacity to live a full and rich life.

Here’s the thing.  The pre-requisite for nurturing life-giving relationships is the capacity to be supported and cared for.  Your ability not only to give but to receive what others have for you.  To be witnessed, lifted up, loved and cared for.

I’m writing a book.

Some of you know this and I can honestly say every email I’ve received encouraging me toward this end, every inquiry, every cheer has been stored up in my heart.  Because writing a book is like birthing a child in some ways.  While the child is uniquely yours- the child truly belongs to the world as well.

So, like a child, I know that while this book is my own heart’s song it is also for millions of others of moms in the world.  It is both my and our book in the truest sense.

I want my community’s support in writing this.

And that brings up a lot of resistance within me.  It makes me realize that I don’t often know what support looks like or feels like to me.  This happened with my pregnancies- most especially with my first.  I desperately wanted a maternal network of support, wisdom and love but had no idea how to create that or even how to assess who was a right fit for my inner circle and who was not.

One of the things that I’d like to do is ask for more intentional support from this beautiful community around writing my book. 

Specifically this is what I think would feel most useful: to create a very informal “inside circle” of those who are passionate about the work and vision of WellGrounded Life: that mothers everywhere would be well-supported and well-equipped to live out healthy, calm and vibrant lives, giving their best to themselves and to those they love.

About the book (what I know so far)…

The book is about how we navigate our lives as mothers from a place of deep vitality, strength and well being- in particular in the modern landscape of busyness, distraction and over-stimulation. 

I envision this “rally team” to get an email once in a while when I’d like to bounce something off the group or share ways to spread the word and message about the group to your own circles.  There’s no expectation on you to respond– this is just a small collection of women who want to spur me on and give me their honest feedback and support from time to time.

If this sounds like something you’d like in on, sign up here and you’ll be part of my “Book Rally Team”!

To fully disclose – I can’t offer anything in compensation but my deepest appreciation.  I know for the right mamas this is enough 🙂

And for you, what is your “support” style…and how good are you at receiving support?  I’d love to know what your challenges are in this area too!