So… let’s say your in a funk.

Whether it’s one too many backyard BBQs, boxes of girl scout cookies or glasses of wine….you find yourself in a stretch of days where your in a downward spiral with unhealthy choices.

Recently, a mom asked me to address how to bounce back when you’ve really “blown it”.

In this video, I share not only my thoughts on these health ruts, but my top 3 strategies that I use every time I notice my momentum slipping and feel that “ick” of too many poor choices in a row.

Click on the video below to check out my personal 1-2-3 punch to get back on track pronto.

Here’s the “nutshell” summary:

A.  Expect to get off track. It’s part of life, and most especially part of a busy mom’s life.

B.  Have a personal plan for when you begin to notice your in a funk.  The sooner you catch yourself the better.

C.  My 3 part strategy is:

1.  Water, Water, Water and my daily supplements.

2. Clean, Green and Crisp Veggies as well as Brown Rice. (I go for cleansers, scrubbers, and grounding foods)

3.  Get out of my head, by getting into my body.  Through stretching, yoga, energy techniques or a good long walk in nature.

How well we keep up momentum for healthy, vibrant living is the degree to which we recognize when we are off track and work to redirect ourselves back to center.

That requires:

1.  Honest expectations about what getting “off track” means (it does NOT mean you are a failure, weak or that you suck).

2.  A way to check in with yourself regularly so you catch yourself when you are “a bit” off center and not “way out of orbit” off center.

3.  Have a simple, clear and doable plan that makes your body, mind and spirit feel clear, calm and nourished– pronto.

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