I had a blast sharing my personal process of mapping out my whole-life goals and visions on the recent webinar I led.

One of the points we explored more in depth is the crucial difference between dreaming big versus concrete goal setting.

We all are wired in a way that leans toward one or the other.  We tend to either feel more comfortable and fluent in dreaming big, outrageous, push-the-envelope kinds of ways  OR we tend to really enjoy the practicality of setting a specific goal and mapping out exactly the steps needed to achieve it.

The problem arises when we stay in one of these two camps without learning how to best merge and integrate them.   They are both essential to moving forward and over-exceeding our wildest dreams.

Here’s a quick test to learn what camp you may hail from.

How comfortable are you with not knowing the “how” part of life or how dependent are you on knowing the “how” part of life?

There seems to be a wave of popular thought diminishing the use of “how” in our lives.  And it is true for those overly dependent on knowing the how, they could use a lot of practice releasing it and allowing themselves to expand their dreams, hopes and wishes into the realms that don’t need to know a how.

But when it comes to doing your part in engaging with life and working toward an outcome you deeply want and feeling the joy that comes from achieving a goal you set for yourself- you’ll need to re-engage the how back into the picture.

Because if you set goals for yourself that are actually dreams, you won’t be able to establish an effective plan of attack.  And if your dreams are really just goals, then I can assure you you won’t be visioning big enough for your life.

So, which are you more of, a big dreamer or a concrete goal setter? Let me know in the comments!

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