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This is where perfectionism leads us to…

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This is where perfectionism leads us to... I’ve come to understand that the opposite of perfectionism isn’t laziness, it’s excellence. We so often will cling to perfectionism in the name of excellence- but the truth is, nothing keeps us further from it. Perfectionism never leads us to become our best...because perfectionism always tries to beat [...]

What is a Wellness Educator, Anyway?

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What's a Wellness Educator, Anyway? Listen to this via podcast: Or read the notes below: If you think about education... most of us immediately think about formal ways of study and university-delivered degrees. For most of my life I was immersed in this kind of education.  But the direction these formal degrees always [...]

Every mother needs a “thing” of her own

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Sweet sisters, Early Wednesday morning this week I drove into NY to deliver our gifts of love to the mamas in the NICU unit of NY Presbyterian Hospital. After the mug packages were carted up...I paused and said a prayer sending my love to every mom who will receive one....and to every mom who is [...]

Lessons from the Self Care Challenge

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How's it going, mama? We are having some glorious weather days in New Jersey so I took an impromptu trip with my kiddos to the beach the other day. There really is something so restorative about sand and salt water and fresh air. I think we all needed to day to just play. I've been [...]

Let’s Finish Our Plan!

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Hello my loves, I had such good intentions of sending out an email yesterday walking us through my self care practices one day at a time. Then life happened and it's Spring Break and the kids are slowly grinding me to a nub, God bless them. So we must carry on as best we can! [...]

My 3 Self-Care Practices for Our Open-Ended Challenge!

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My 3 Self-Care Practices for Our Open-Ended Challenge! Gorgeous Mama,  If you haven't heard about our "Open-Ended" Self Care Challenge, head over to this article to understand the crucial difference between how most challenges are set up...and how we're going to do ours! (p.s. it makes ALL the difference!) In this post, I'll share what [...]

Fresh Start “Open-Ended” Challenge

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Fresh Start "Open-Ended" Challenge Beautiful WellGrounded Mama, Every cell in my body is begging me to get back on track for the spring. I'm a big believer in aligning your self-care to the season you are in because really, self-care is a WAY of living -- and when we live in ways that care for our well-being...different [...]

The insightful questions I’ve received (and the best answers I’ve got…)

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There's 2 days left to join me for Replenish 365 ~2016! (Doors close Friday, January 22 at midnight and we begin bright and early THIS Saturday!!) I'm already in absolute awe of the circle that has formed. Close to 200 women from all over the world are gathering for this incredible, life-changing journey together. Over [...]

3 Essential Parts to Making Big Decisions

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If you've been considering joining me for the WellGrounded Institute's Certification and Training Program you likely have a passion for wellness and a heart for helping women lead calmer, healthier and more energized lives. And you also likely have an inner desire to step forward in the role of trusted expert, mentor, teacher and guide. [...]

You’ve got Questions, I’ve got Answers

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You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers I've received so many thoughtful and smart questions from women who are considering enrolling in Replenish 365- I wanted to pass them on to you. One thing I know from years of teaching- if one person asks the questions, there are always many more who were wondering the same [...]