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5 Reasons Wellness Educating May Be Right for You!

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5 Reasons Wellness Educating May Be Right For You! Submit your name and email and I'll send you this simple guide immediately to explore the top reasons why wellness educating may (or may not) be a perfect fit for you.

Are You Ready?

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You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to have a standout business. Is it the right time for you? It’s easy to think you can always start tomorrow. But in my experience, tomorrow becomes the next day . . . and then the day after that. If you want to start seeing the changes in [...]

Support and Mentorship

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A Stellar Support Network and Personalized Mentorship In the early stages of business-building, the work can sometimes feel lonely and isolating. Having access to a responsive community and personalized attention to support you through your experience is incredibly valuable. That’s why I’ve built community and mentorship as a cornerstone part of this training program – [...]

Full Library of Teaching Material

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The 4 Teacher’s Guides provide the complete library of leading-edge, ready-to-use, beautifully formatted class materials that correlate to the 6 pillars throughout the Replenish 365 curriculum. You can use these materials as your core offerings as well as baseline foundations for speaking engagements, webinars, and retreats. Complete Teaching Materials Provided in each of these topical [...]

Actionable Business Track

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The actionable business track prepares you for the business side of things as you work as a wellness educator in the world. These business-focused webinars will train you how to start your own wellness educator business and how to: Make this Business Your Own Identify your personal interests, gifts, and talents in order to craft [...]

Advanced Educator Track

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The advanced educator track is key to helping you establish your own personal authority as an educator. This material is designed to help you feel confident in your ability to guide others to a life of wellness. In the advanced educator webinars you’ll learn how to: Expertly Manage Group Dynamics Learn to adeptly manage group [...]

Core Wellness Curriculum and Advanced Wellness Track

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At the heart of this certification program is outstanding training in women’s wellness delivered through the Replenish 365 methodology. Core Wellness Curriculum and Advanced Wellness Track 45 Teaching Modules The core and advanced wellness modules includes audio lessons (in Mp3 format as well as slide presentation format), video demonstrations, and Lifework PDF packets with notes [...]

Our Training Curriculum

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The WellGrounded Institute’s Certification and Training Program is an 11 month program of training and support will prepare you for creating a business (or expanding your current work) teaching classes, courses, and workshops to women on the topics of self-care, well-being, and wellness. Not only will you receive a cutting-edge, science-based education in women’s wellness, [...]

What is a Wellness Educator ?

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The WellGrounded Institute Training and Certification program opens up incredible new opportunities for you to share, teach, and mentor others. As a Certified Women’s Wellness Educator you are trained to: Speak to groups and organizations Teach classes, courses and programs Lead workshops and retreats Partner with existing groups and organizations (large and small) Once you [...]

Is this you?

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You would love to share your passion for wellness with women who need to hear the message and learn the tools that will help them live calmer, healthier, more energized lives. You want to be the trusted expert. The sharer of resources. The inspirer who catalyzes them to take this knowledge and let it infuse [...]