“…understand that to nurture and love others with the grace you desire means taking care of yourself and cultivating your own inner harmony. Inner harmony grows not by finding ways to get away from your child, but by giving yourself the gift of a hot bath at the end of a long day, reading a book of poetry, talking to a friend on the phone, taking a nap, crying, getting a massage, having a day off from cleaning and cooking, staying in your pajamas all day, swimming, going out to eat, or attending a conference. Do something for yourself as you give. Learn to laugh at yourself and not take yourself so seriously.”
~ Peggy O’Mara, The Way Back Home

I read this quote in a post on SouleMama a bit ago and it struck a nerve with me.

So often I espouse how important it is to take “Me-Time” and invest in quality, loving care of ourselves in order to be the most vital, whole and healthy women and mothers we can be.

But here is the question we need to ask ourselves–

When you get time in your week – do you do things that fill you up, or are you simply spending time away from the kids?

Is your “Me Time” sucked away by surfing the web or flicking through channels on the TV?

Do you automatically go into productivity mode and clean the house or run errands to the neglect of investing in something that makes you feel happy or alive?

The heart of self care is ultimately to keep the fire stoked and burning. To engage in something that speaks to our hearts, fuels our passions, clarifies our dreams, brings beauty and awe and inspiration into our life.

Are we feeding that part of us that needs renewal, creativity, beauty and wonder?

What stirs something in you and keeps you growing?