I recently hired a woman to help me with basic housekeeping a few times a week. It has been beyond heavenly.

But getting to the place where I was willing to ask for and accept that help was not a smooth road.

Many mothers have a tremendously hard time asking for help in their lives.

There are some specific reasons why that is the case. And specific steps we need to take in order to strengthen our “receiving” muscles.

If you ever struggle with asking for help, you’re not alone– and you’ll want to check out the video below….pronto.

Quick Point Summary of the Video

Asking for help is only one part of the puzzle– receiving the help is a muscle that for many of us is weak from the lack of use…and the only way receiving and accepting more help in your life gets easier is by practice.  These steps, though, will help as you get into shape.

1.  Do the inner work around what you believe about yourself when you need and want to ask for help.

In your most honest and open moments fill in this sentence:

If I ask for help that mean I’m _________________________________.

Bring the crooked beliefs out of the shadows so you can do the work you need in order to let them go.

2.  Get very clear on exactly where you most need and want help.

3.  Clearly ask and accept help in those areas– even if it feels awkward or hard at first.  Working out muscles gets easier as they get stronger.

What is your experience with asking for help?  What inner beliefs does it bring up for you?