Are you a Christian? And other FAQs…

I’ve been getting some fantastic questions from women interested in taking the Teach Your Life To Be Extraordinary class series (which is beginning this Monday, hint hint- now’s the time to sign up!!).

So, I wanted to send out the most popular questions (and how I answered them) in case you were wondering about any of these yourself.

1.  Are you a Christian?

I am a Christian and often get asked that question from women interested in taking my courses, so it is a welcome dialogue! 

While my courses through WellGrounded Life are not faith based curricula, I do speak openly about my understanding of how an inner life is one in which we connect, listen and adjust our outer life to have harmony with our relationship to God. 

I am aware, though, there are many women from many different faith backgrounds that take my courses. 

Ultimately– the way I address the spiritual component in my courses is to acknowledge that we have one, and to identify the ways in which we might feed, honor and grow our spiritual nature.

While my courses are not evangelistic – I share honestly and transparently about my own faith and world views as a means to help the women in my courses understand how I come to my own decisions and understanding in my life.

2.  I’m vacationing during the class dates, will I miss too much if I can’t hear the calls live?  Can I take this class in the future?

This series will be completely recorded, so even if you aren’t able to catch the calls live- there is really no difference in terms of the weekly calls whether you listen at your convenience or call in while it is being taught live.  And of course, the downloadable materials are yours to use on your own timeline as well.

The component of the live course which has direct access to me is the private Facebook group where I’ll be present engaging in conversations and questions.  I’ll have the Facebook group active at least until mid to late September. And will be actively on it throughout the three weeks of the course.

In terms of when I’ll do this series again- I’m not sure.  Since it is my pilot run, I often go through the series before I make that decision.  In some cases, I’ve never offered a series or workshop again- other times, I’ve offered it as a self-study version.  I wish I could say something definitive right now, but I honestly don’t know. 

3.  Is this for business-minded moms?

While I believe that business-minded moms will get tremendous value from the class series- this course is not specifically designed to focus on business concepts or topics.

This class series will be focusing on mothers who have various roles and priorities on their plate- which may or may not include a business of their own.  While we’ll explore our unique path of service, we won’t take that discussion into business models or business plans.  I can imagine that women who go through this course may get clear and unearth soemthing that very well could turn into a business idea or a business-refining idea – but it won’t be the focus of our discussions. 

In fact, if the desire is there in this community for heart-centered business-focused support- I have a few ideas for classes and workshops that I may offer in the future, though I would still whole-heartedly recommend this class series for the women managing it all.

I hope reading through those questions have been helpful.  If you have any of your own questions, please feel free to hit reply to this email and ask away!

And if you haven’t read more details about the course, please take a minute and look through the course page now.  If you find yourself drawn in…I hope you’ll say yes and join me! 

Much love and many blessings,



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