Announcing the 2013 Course Calendar Dates!

I’m thrilled to share with you our 2013 course calendar dates!These courses are a complete healthy life education to better understood your magnificent body and how to take extraordinary care of it.Together, they are a powerful curriculum designed specifically for a mother’s experiences and lifestyle so that as you step into more exceptional health, you are also equipped to lead your family there as well.

Today, I have an offer I’d like to extend for the right women in my community.

If you are interested in investing in your own life elevation (and be so much better equipped to pass the skills of healthy, calm, vibrant living to your children) in the coming year and want to work with me through a full year, I’d like to share some details about my Motherlode Package.

The Motherlode Package is a bundle offering I’ve put together that gives you enrollment to all 4 of my major courses (Teach Your Life to Be Extraordinary, Designed for Wellness, Cleanse Your Life, Harmonize Your Hormones) throughout the year.

For a huge savings, you can enroll into these 4 main courses and participate in their live runs in 2013 and beyond (since once you are a course member, you get life-time access to the materials).

This gives you exceptional learning, mom-focused perspectives and convenience, powerful results toward your highest mental, emotional and physical health, entry into a worldwide community amazing mothers…and as a huge bonus (only available for purchases by Dec 7)- a personal laser coaching session with me in January 2013. 

As a team we’ve decided to offer this until Dec 7 so we can still give outstanding customer care for those who purchase while shifting into major family-mode for the remainder of December as we celebrate our holy holidays.  After that our store closes up until 2013 and the special deep discount and bonus offer for a personal coaching session is no longer available with this bundle purchase.

To learn more about this incredible life-giving opportunity, click here for the Motherlode Package details. 

As we enter this frenzy stretch, I pray that you will carve out a simple, slow, savory path of peace and that your investments bring you more fully into the life that you dream of.

Much love,


p.s.  In light of the frenzy of Black Friday sales hype and hyperness, I find myself offering a gentle invitation to invest in something much bigger than a “thing”.

In fact, as you imagine yourself enjoying all your “things” in 2013, could you imagine doing so in a radically different body, mood and mind? 

Consider giving yourself support and guidance to reconnect to yourself and slowly weave small shifts that bring major change in every level of your well being.  Learn more about this offer and each of our courses by clicking here.


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