The advanced educator track is key to helping you establish your own personal authority as an educator.

This material is designed to help you feel confident in your ability to guide others to a life of wellness.

In the advanced educator webinars you’ll learn how to:

Expertly Manage Group Dynamics Learn to adeptly manage group dynamics, group discussion and promote group interaction. Explore facilitator tools to leverage the wisdom of the group and create a collaborative and supportive environment.

Learn Healthy Boundaries as an Educator Clarify your role as a wellness educator, establish clear boundaries with your students and support healthy interactions between your class participants.

Understand the Critical Elements of Leading a Powerful Class Learn how to deliver a powerful talk or class given a time-tested, simple class outline that you can use every time.

Top Teaching Techniques of the Most-Effective Educators Not all teachers are created equally … we know that from our own experiences growing up. What makes some teachers so engaging, effective, and enjoyable? Learn how to infuse your classes with top teaching techniques that make leading engaging classes a breeze.

Design Flexible, Unique Course Offerings As part of your certification benefits, you’ll receive a comprehensive library of ready-to-use materials that can be taught as classes and courses that are already organized, OR you can blend the materials into new offerings that match your personal interests.

And more…

Learn the art and craft of effective teaching and group facilitation.