The actionable business track prepares you for the business side of things as you work as a wellness educator in the world.

These business-focused webinars will train you how to start your own wellness educator business and how to:

Make this Business Your Own Identify your personal interests, gifts, and talents in order to craft classes and workshops that align with your true strengths and passions.

Promote and Fill Your Classes Promote your classes and fill them to capacity by learning creative ways to enroll, build relationships, partner and collaborate with others.

Generate a Steady Stream of Prospective Students Businesses are built on solid, trustworthy, and value-driven relationships. Nurture your relationship pathways with your larger circle of influence and keep a steady flow of prospective students coming your way who want to get to know you and your work.

Nurture Business Partnerships Connect with local individuals and organizations in your area as a means for potential partnerships and access to ideal clients.

Essentials to Running a Profitable Business Money matters, but so does the maintenance and upkeep of all the critical areas every successful business needs to run smoothly and grow profitably. Come to know these core business essentials and map out your own business plan for success. You’ll learn the backend processes of running a wellness educator business including how to establish an online and virtual business, how to set up and record audio calls, webinars, videos, how to create PDFs, and craft email newsletters.

Price Based on Your True Value Pricing can feel tricky for those who are not used to exchanging money for their gifts. Discern the right price range for your offerings, feel confident in charging for the value you are giving, and open up space for more prosperity to come into your life with ease.

Stay in Integrity as You Grow Learn how to market your business based on the Freemium Principle and give value as a primary way of promoting and filling your classes. Learn principles of growth that allow your business to grow deep and wide without capsizing your energies or your top priorities.

And more…

Jumpstart your profitable business with a proven and prosperous business model.