About WellGrounded Life

This is a place to refill and refresh.

A place where you can put down the weight of the world for a bit and show up just as you are.

A place where you can honor your whole self and learn tools to support your own well-being so you can enjoy the walk of motherhood with more calm and vitality.

A place where your crazy, messy, beautiful journey of womanhood and motherhood is seen and witnessed without judgement but with plenty of grace.

WellGrounded Life’s mission is to equip moms to become healthy, self-connected women.

Because we believe that when a mom learns ways to keep her body, mind and spirit healthy… everyone wins.

About Lisa

I believe to be a happy and energized mother you must first be a healthy and self-connected woman.

The most important thing about me is my heart is for moms. I love working with, growing with, learning with and supporting mothers- doing this work fills my own need for community, connection and meaning.

And while, I draw from a background full of science and wellness training…WellGrounded Life was really born out of my own valleys.

Nothing prepared me for the intensity of mothering.

Nothing prepared me for the incredible highs, the frightening lows…or anything in between.

And nothing prepared me for how hard it was to balance the needs of my family with my own needs…or how scary it was to feel like I was falling apart, right when my family needed me most.

What you’ll find at WellGrounded Life is an answer to what I needed most (but couldn’t find) when I was struggling to help myself regain my own inner vitality and well-being…while still doing the work of mothering.

My courses and workshops are centered around a gentle, grace-filled approach to taking excellent care of yourself.

And they focus on tools that can fit into a mother’s life.

I couldn’t check out of life in order to get myself well again. I had to find ways to care for myself while I was still caring for my kids, my marriage, my home.

I imagine your life can’t be put on hold, either. I get that.

When I became a mother, I had already studied over a decade’s worth of biochemistry, nutrition, and health information through years of education. (for a more formal look at my background click here)

But after becoming a mom, I was falling apart at the seams with two young children and a life that was spinning out of control with stress and depression and overwhelm.

I didn’t need more information, I needed tools. I needed community. I needed to be seen. I needed a grace (a lot of it)…and I needed to learn how to navigate motherhood while keeping my own well-being intact.

I believe in getting to the root causes of why we experience so much exhaustion, stress and frazzled thinking, so that we can heal and nourish what is imbalanced and allow true vitality to take hold in our life.

I believe we are designed for health. The wisest thing we can do is to understand exactly how we are made and work with our nature so our health begins to flow rapidly and with ease.

When women begin to learn how they were designed and how to begin to work with themselves…everything begins to change.

When we stop beating ourselves up, we get back on our own team and start experiencing life (and motherhood) the way we always wanted to.

I’m passionate about supporting other moms through the journey back to restored vibrant health…because together we are not only impacting our own lives…but the lives of our children and families as well.

I walk my talk every day. Even on the days I feel far off center, I call on the principles I teach so that I can return to caring for myself the way I know I most need to be cared for.

Getting “off track” is a guarantee- it’s called life. What’s different now if that I have I hundreds of tools and skills that help me get back “on track”. Knowing how to return back to center swiftly and with ease is powerful.

I’m thrilled you are here.

If I could hand you a warm cup of tea and join you on a comfy couch to chat, I would. But please, still make yourself at home, here. I hope you’ll take a few moments to join the WellGrounded Life email community and explore more of what we offer.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out, please don’t hesitate to contact us. My small but mighty team of moms would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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