Some blog jewels I’ve found in the last month or so that I wanted to share.

Photo by Frank Jakobi

Here are a few things that…

fired me up

  • As if the commercials touting high fructose corn syrup as “natural” and “as good as sugar” weren’t enough to infuriate me, Small Notebook reports here on the recent mercury findings in this stuff.

are a great idea

  • Just Plain Joy tells her experience at a Naked Lady party…I’m already thinking of when I can host one of these myself!

made me say “Amen!”

  • Bluebirdbaby shares in this post how many of her ideals about motherhood simply didn’t turn out the way she planned.  I imagine almost every mother could write their own version of this…I certainly know I could! 
  • This post by This Is My Life made me want to reach through the screen and hug her for being so honest.

inspired me

  • My Web Of Life writes this thoughtful piece about connecting our kids (and ourselves) to nature.  I love her point that kids know a lot about things like global warming (in their heads) but aren’t experiencing nature any longer like they used to…and why that is so detrimental. 

fed my spirit

  • A beautiful story  of when a child leads us so clearly and simply to truth, posted on What I Learned Today