Welcome to Day 3 of 7 Days to Calm!

Ever wonder why we put our palm to our forehead when we are stressed?

Today’s video shares more about that tendency we all have and how to use the science behind it to help us return back to calm in just moments.

Day 3 is ready, click on the tab and hit play!

Day 1: The Long ExhaleInhale through your nose to the count of 4, exhale (either through your nose or mouth) to the count of 8. Particularly useful when you are having a lot of stressful thoughts.

Day 2: The Calm HoldsA. Cup your forehead in one hand and the nape of your neck in the other hand and hold for 30 seconds. Counting to 30 is a great way to keep your mind focused.B. Put your thumbs at your temples, pads of your fingers at thecenter of your forehead and count to 30 seconds while calmly breathing.

Day 3: Adrenal Energy Exercise

  • Begin tapping with your fingers at your forehead for a few seconds.
  • Move down to your temples on either side of your eyes still tapping and take a deep breath.
  • Continue tapping behind your ears to the slight ridge on your skull and take another deep breath.
  • Continue tapping down the sides of your neck onto your shoulders and take another deep breath.


7 Days to Calm was designed as a supplement to my book, Replenish which explores the 7 Core Essentials critical to have in our lives if we are going to care for and nourish our deepest well-being.