Welcome to Day 2 of our 7 Days to Calm Series!

Over 7 days we are building a toolbox full of simple, fast-acting, self care tools that help you shift your biochemistry so you can return back to your calm center … even when you’re feeling the stress and overwhelm taking over.

Consider this week our bootcamp training week where we begin to learn new tools that fit into our everyday lives which help us find the pause.

Today’s video is ready below…click on the Day 2 tab and dive in!

Day 1: The Long Exhale

Inhale through your nose to the count of 4, exhale (either through your nose or mouth) to the count of 8. Particularly useful when you are having a lot of stressful thoughts.

Day 2: The Calm Holds

A. Cup your forehead in one hand and the nape of your neck in the other hand and hold for 30 seconds. Counting to 30 is a great way to keep your mind focused.

B. Put your thumbs at your temples, pads of your fingers at the center of your forehead and count to 30 seconds while calmly breathing.


7 Days to Calm was designed as a supplement to my book, Replenish which explores the 7 Core Essentials critical to have in our lives if we are going to care for and nourish our deepest well-being.