6 Ways to Kickstart an Energized Day

6 Ways to Kickstart an Energized Day

Kickstart an Energized Day

I like to think of my day as a stranger that I am meeting for the first time in the morning.  When a first impression goes right, the way for a beautiful and smooth conversation is laid down…and a lasting friendship just may develop.

When first impressions are rough, it can take a whole lot of energy to turn things around…not impossible, but it sure is the hard way to do things.

Here are 6 things I have brought into my morning that make for a smooth, enjoyable and energized day.

1.  Herbal teas

I’m not a total wet blanket when it comes to coffee.   I personally love a warm cup of creamy coffee.  What I do try to keep on top of is using coffee as an energy jolt…especially first thing in the morning.   I’ve switched to herbal teas that give a super antioxidant boost and help with mental and physical stamina and vitality. I’ll enjoy a cool glass on warm days or hot mug on cool days to start off my morning.

Some herbs that make excellent energizing, nutrient dense teas are rooibos, eleuthero, Chinese ginseng, Ashwagandha, and gotu kola.  These herbs are part of a blend called Get Charged from The Republic of Tea.  I’ve also found mint or citrus teas to be great for a fresh start in the morning.

2.  Move and Breathe

When we move and breathe deeply we oxygenate our blood. Oxygen gets to all our muscles and our brain and keeps us feeling alert and energized.  Taking just a few moments every morning to do some form of movement and deep breathing can charge you up.

3.  Music

What kind of music gets you going, makes you feel excited for the day, keeps you in a good frame of mind? Make yourself a playlist or mix and use it in the morning to set the mood.

4.   Go Strong for Breakfast

Most of us chronically undereat for breakfast but then overeat or over-snack the rest of the day.   Enjoying a large, sustaining breakfast that includes healthy fats, quality protein, and fiber makes a huge difference in setting us up for an energized day. Take a look at what (if anything) you are eating in the morning.  Experiment with different breakfasts and see what difference each makes in the quality of the rest of your day.

5.  Clear and Focus

Even though stress may come at us from our environment, the stress response comes from within us. And our stress response is amplified in our thoughts throughout the day.  The negative dialogue that happens within our own mind creates a world of anxiety, stress, panic, anger and frustration when it is not disarmed and replaced with more accurate, positive, and intentional thoughts and responses.

We can shift this by taking some time in the morning to get the jumbled thoughts out of our minds and replace them with purposeful, enjoyable, and directed thoughts about how we want to experience our day.  I love to do a short rambling page first thing in the morning and then follow it up with prayer, scripture, and inspirational reading. Then I shift my thoughts toward my day and feel anchored and excited to begin the day, not weighted down right from the start.

6.  Wake Early

I know that waking earlier than your household is one super-effective way to create a morning routine that works to set the stage for a great and energized day.  I’ve also found that without a clear plan for the morning, I can too easily convince myself to sleep in.

What short and simple routine could you plan for yourself so you are encouraged to start your day intentionally?  What aspects of a morning routine would bring you more energy and vitality?


3 responses to “6 Ways to Kickstart an Energized Day”

  1. Great post! Here are my contributions:
    1. I’ve been unleaded (coffee) for six years now and won’t go back. I’m also a bit of a rooibos connoisseur, having lived in South Africa for a couple of years with my husband. I love love love Mighty Leaf’s blend: http://www.mightyleaf.com/tea-pouches_herbal-tea/african-nectar-rooibos-tea-pouches/
    2. I’ve been getting into breathing exercises lately and find them incredibly effective, especially when combined with visualization exercises (I’m a visual learner, so go figure). Some simple practices: Breathe purposefully through the nose, taking care to inhale and exhale evenly between both nostrils. Picture the air coming up and in and cascading down into your lungs and belly, then picture it rising as you exhale, pouring up and over and out. If you really want to get funky, you can imagine the air is colored according to your needs (color meaning/theory): check out http://www.color-wheel-pro.com/color-meaning.html as a reference.

    Again, great post, Lisa! I can’t wait for your Stress Cure course:)

  2. Beth! You are totally talking my language!

    I agree, Mighty Leaf is a fantastic company!

    Also with the breathing– I second the visual learning thing– sometimes I actually imagine clean clear air coming in and any polluted “air”=thoughts breathed out. At first I totally balked at this, but once I just did it, I was amazed at how it impacted my relaxation. Especially if i was harboring negative thoughts or feelings!

    Love the color connection too!

  3. I love the way you view your morning as a first impression. An opportunity to start fresh! I try to get up before my kiddos, pull open the curtains to see the trees, plants, birds and squirrels, and spend at least 10 minutes in meditation, connecting to my body and inner wisdom. If the kids are still sleeping, I continue my morning ritual with tea or coffee and a few minutes journaling and/or reading from a book that inspires me. It’s always guaranteed to be a great “first date”

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