I’ve said before that the secret to self care is knowing your center.

The more time we spend connected to our sacred center, the greater the buffer zone we create between the outside noise of the world and interior voice of Truth.

So self care and spirituality are inseparable to me.  In fact, when we talk about an integrative life, connecting with the divine is the thread that binds all the parts of our life into a whole.

Just like a muscle, the more time I spend reconnecting to my center, the more I  feel God’s guidance in my life.

And as I feel God’s guidance in my life more and more, I’ve come to notice 5 different ways he seems to show up for me.  I call them my “God languages”.

I thought I’d share them here to see if any of you also “hear” God in these ways.

1. Divine Laughter

You know when your breath is taken away by the beauty of this world?  It could be that spectacular sunset on a mountain top, soaking in hot springs in the winter, watching your children sleep, noticing a blade of grass or the center of a flower in all it’s complexity and elegance.

Whatever it is you are just overcome with how good and true and beautiful it all is- I hear God’s laughter in these moments.

2.  Divine Winks

One of the things that majorly increases in my life when I take time to reconnect to my sacred center are moments of synchronicity- of Providence- of “holy coincidence”- where you just KNOW there is no way this is random.

Maybe it is the exact book you need falling off the shelf in the bookstore.  Or you run into the exact person you were thinking about.  Or you were at the exact place at the exact time to get exactly what you needed.  That, to me, is a God wink.

3.  Divine Nudges

This is when I feel that inner urge to do something.  Even though it is clear, it sometimes isn’t strong.  Many times it is clear and subtle, soft, and fleeting.  I can all too easily barrel through these nudges and not follow them.

But when I do, when I’m living in a way that I’m attentive to the inner nudge, the hunch, the inspired thought, the flicker of energy around an idea…and I do it or move toward it in some way- I’ve never been sorry I did.

4.  Divine Downloads

For me, a divine download is when I get a bolt of lightening kind of inspiration or explanation about something that feels beyond my own ability to figure out.

It often happens for me when I’m in some kind of “moving meditation” where my thoughts are open and free flowing but my body is doing some activity.  Like long walks on a trail or showering or gardening.  I sometimes find myself sprinting home to try and keep it all in my mind long enough to get it down in my journal.

5.  Divine Wormholes

These are my favorite times of life.   This is when you have lost all sense of time. 

You aren’t in chronos time any longer, you’ve shifted through a wormhole into kairos time – where clocks stand still and you are so deeply enjoying what you are doing that you are thinking about nothing else and are totally, fully 100% present in your life.

This can happen for me when I travel and explore new place and cultures.  It can sometimes be when I paint or write in my journal.  It happened all the time when I was dating my husband and we could talk for hours and it felt like minutes.  Another huge wormhole doorway for me is when I’m teaching.

Have you noticed any of these divine languages in your life?

Let me know in the comments how you feel the movement of Truth in your life- and what helps you hear that voice more clearly.

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