Oh the new start of a new year…it can feel like such a love/hate experience, can’t it?

It’s amazing to feel the rush of fresh starts, major potential, and big dreams for the year to come – but many of us battle with a shadow side to this all as well.

That inner voice that reminds us of how often we’ve failed in the past.

That pit of anxiety that paralyzes us from investing in ourselves because we fear we’ll never really change anyway and will waste our time and money.

The worry that maybe we are just broken, weak, and not worthy of huge positive change anyway.

Or sometimes it’s the inner voice that challenges why we’d want change anyway? Shouldn’t we be satisfied with what we have and where we’re at in life?

I don’t believe any one of us is immune to these “shadow voices.” Sometimes certain dreams and goals will bring them up more strongly than others – but we all have the experience of feeling that rush of hesitation and fear around investing in positive change when there is no guarantee it will work. When we have to put ourselves out there (again) to try and feel better or experience life differently than we are right now.

It’s a real issue we need to shine a light on and work through, because if we don’t, these voices will drive our lives.

If you are experiencing these kinds of “underbelly” voices, especially now when you’ve conjured up goals and plans for the new year and the ways you want to improve and grow...I have a video I want to share with you.

I created this video a couple years ago in response to these very issues that I was hearing from the women in my community.

It occurred to me that the women who I had worked with who experienced the most profound positive change always came into the course with similar characteristics, certain similar “perspectives” that paved the way for them to have an extraordinary experience.

Whether you’ll be joining me for this coming year in Replenish 365 or not, I know you can take these strategies and apply them to your own life for major benefit.

I put these success principles together because time after time the women who I watched make the greatest transformations in their lives all had elements of these working in their lives…and I believe each one of these strategies allows you to release the negative voices that keep us paralyzed and find ways to move forward in positive, healthy, momentum-building ways.

The 5 Success Strategies for Overachieving Your Goals

I hope this video deeply serves you! (And if it did, please share it!!)

Much love,