Shift into Spring #5 – De-clutter

Shift into Spring #5 – De-clutter

Today brings our final Shift into Spring tip.  Now let’s focus on how critical our home environment is to our cleansing experience.

This shift has major-momentum-building power because outer clutter creates inner clutter … and inner clutter stops us in our tracks every time.

I want you to think about one “pebble in your shoe” – an area in your home that feels disorganized or cluttered. I’m not talking about major projects or large spaces. I’m talking about a junk drawer, the tupperware cabinet, your nightstand, maybe even your car console.

Choose one small and easy-to-tackle area of your home that just keeps grinding at you every time you see it and take 15 minutes (set a timer!) to organize it. This is simply a “breaking the ice” technique that gives you immediate satisfaction.

That’s it.

1. Hydration
2. Greens
3. Epsom Salts in a Warm Bath
4. 10 minute Daily Walk Outside
5. De-Clutter a Small Area in Your Home

This week wasn’t about a whole-life overhaul — it was to demonstrate how small shifts make huge impacts in how we feel.  Small shifts done consistently (and even imperfectly) really do move the needle in how our body, mood and mind feel in our everyday lives.

Keep this week’s small shifts attainable and you’ll reap the huge benefit of setting yourself up for major success.

Sending a breath of fresh air into your spaces today,


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